Thursday, July 23, 2009

Thursday Thirteen...

1. A.R.T. HURTS!! But in a good way. I love my ART guy who said today Running will not be bad for you. Just listen to your body.. Imagine that! I am still in pain when I run, maybe a little less..

2. I am enjoying watching Lance more this year than previously. I think because he is the "old guy" (37) and the underdog. Go Lance!

3. I went to the dermatologist, who "zapped" me with CO2 on about 12 places. Sun worshipping as a teenager may not have worked out so well for me in the long run. All the years I spent trying to keep a tan and now I send time and money to erase it..

4. I am getting the new GARMIN 310X in a few days. And a new Flow Plus saddle..I should be faster than ever, eh? I long for my mileage and MPH again!! H is getting me this for my "early birthday" gift..Awesome...

5. I can't believe I am training for another Ironman. It does not seem real to me...but I do it anyway..

6. Mocha turned a full somersault after tripping over the curb yesterday. She lived to tell about it. This dog is still alive. I think H wills her to live everyday. She still loves her walks..and cheap dog food we have switched her to. Who knew?

7. I think back and wonder how the heck we raised 4 teenagers? I must have been young and drank alot...oh yea..that is what I did..And spent alot of time in therapy. We also had fun and there was always excitement in our house!

8. I miss said children and grandchildren..The ones that live close I get to see more often..I like that they are all adults now..

9. Walgreens and CVS pharmacy are in an all out war for our business. We have gotten $75.00 in free gift cards just for switching prescriptions back and forth. I wonder how many times we can do this? H says it is like we have a part-time job and making money for nothing!

10. I cannot believe that in 2 months I will be 55 years old! That is OLD! Or I use to think so anyway...

11. Mother in law is getting better by the day. She will walk out of the extended care and back to her apartment soon...She is one of the strongest people I know..

12. I find TV very boring these days. I use to be such a TV fanatic and looked forward to my favorite all seems a bit bland for me now..

13. Looks like I will make it up to Denver to see my little Hadley (and Becca) next week. What can be better than a cute little 8 month old for entertainment?


Fe-lady said...

55 isn't's the new 45! And 60 is the new 50! :-) (I keep telling myself this over and over and over...)

bigmike600 said...

You have made such a positive influence on this world Deb. And I want you to know that I AM SO JEALOUS YOU ARE GETTING A NEW GARMIN, I may not sleep tonight. :)

I hope to be 1/2 the athlete you are when I get to 45 as you are at 55.

IronLa said...

The new Garmin! Yeah! You'll love it.