Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Time trialing and shopping...equally as fun!

Today was a great training day for me. The "schedule" called for 30 minute time trial on the bike after a warm up. MG met me at the casino,which by the way I was tempted to go in and just stick a dollar in a slot machine and see what happened but my saner, older self did not let me give in. There was a time when my spontaneous nature was way more apparent than it is now. I digress...Despite the ominous clouds surrounding us, we took off from the casino down 313, a very flat road with a pretty good shoulder. A triathlete friend of ours got hit by a car this past week at the very intersection we were headed too. This was a bit eery-I have been super careful about cars since hearing of this accident. She is OK, has a broken hand and leg, very lucky I suppose in some sense but she had qualified for Kona (triathlon Ironman world championship), which is no easy task so I can't even imagine her pain over losing that opportunity this year. We went about 15 minutes and on my GO took off on a 30 minute time trial. With the wind the first part, it was quite easy to maintain 24 MPH and HR of 150. Then we turned around..oh shit.. The headwind was intense but about halfway through seemed to shift again, as it does here in NM often. At the end of 30 minutes I had gone 11 miles or so and my HR was more in the 159 range on the way back. I am very proud of myself! Then, of course between conversing with MG about his life and mine, it started raining just in time to climb the last big hill to our cars. Whew! We made it!

Heidi, Jack and Avery are here for a couple of days so I did what any self-respecting Grandma does..I took her shopping this morning! For clothes. I think How do people with boys do this shopping thing? I mean even at her age she had her favorite shoes and favorite color. Do boys say these things? Maybe I will never know! Avery was a delight to shop with and I have a feeling this is the first of many shopping excursions together. My great Aunt Bernice use to take us clothes shopping at least once a year and some of my favorite memories are "modeling" the clothes afterwards. This was such a treat as I was one of 5 girls in my family and "hand-me-downs" were the norm. I was working at 14 years old to start buying "my own clothes" as the inherited clothes were not really the "cool" thing to have in Junior High!

Today it has rained for two days in a row in ABQ. This is such an unusual occurrences...it totally changes the atmosphere or something..my whole psyche feels energized...


Lisa Slow-n-Steady said...

Maybe shopping is gender related. My daughter loves shopping, always has, even since she was little like your grand daughter.

My son hates shopping. At age 17, I practically have to force him to buy new clothes. He's always been this way.

Jon Gilchrist said...

bravo on beating the rains!!! Sorry to hear about your friend's accident and subsequent missed opportunity for Kona this year. definite bummer.

As a young feller...if I wasn't shopping for the latest Nike b bal shorts, or the super baggy b ball shorts, of the Michigan Fab Five Fame - I wasn't really interested in shopping.