Saturday, February 23, 2013

Day 4, 36 to go..

Last night I went to a workshop at the Yoga studio to hone in my "transformational skills". Some really good ideas there. Alot about "intentions" which are really affirmations on steroids. When I am wanting something in my life, I affirm-out loud in a sentence. Like it is already happening ie; I have a pet pig. I have a pet pig. Stuff like that which really sounds good on paper but when I try it, and it needs to be said with conviction then it will manifest...eventually...I have never personally seen this happen for me largely due to the fact that I stop doing affirmations usually in the 1st week. Maybe this 40 day thing will keep me going. There are star stickers and Lululemon involved here, common Debi..

I am on Day 4. Meditating this AM at 5:15 felt like a rodeo. Trying to focus on my breath while roping in those random thoughts every 5 seconds or so..At least I went the 10 minutes without looking at my watch...once..This is progress!!

Affirmations were as I said above. I read somewhere that is you just say Lie to myself, then act like the following statement is true (with conviction): I have a pet pig. I have a pet pig..

I am going to "Weight Loss Yoga" today which sounds to me like a rigorous Yoga workout with weird poses..I am a bit intimidated for sure. Yesterday I felt as stiff as ever and ready to throw in the towel...See how easy I cave?

I also want to run 10 miles today. I love running and will see if this is a good idea or not. Yoga every day and running, weight, occasional spin class. Will have to see if that all is in the 20s outside this AM. Yikes!!

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