Wednesday, September 17, 2014

24 Days and I Turn 60!

There won't be much training to report on this post as my main goal in life today is to lie in bed on this, my 60th birthday. The words of wisdom should be flowing out of me about right now as I am busy contemplating my naval but alas, nothing much to report revelation wise. I had a dream right before I woke up this morning that H had Sports Illustrated put my picture on the back cover of the magazine, with some sort of caption that I was headed for Kona..don't remember if I was in a bathing suit or not...kind of like they had to out me on the back cover because no one would buy a S.I. Magazine with a 60 year old in a bathing suit on the front cover! I woke up and I realized:
I feel some some changes are a'comin for me in this coming decade. For one, I no longer care much what anyone thinks of me or what I do. The judgements of others just roll off my back, if I am even aware of them at all. I no longer have to make excuses for losing my memory after all, I am 60! I can no longer be labeled a hypochondriac-no one is at my age. I can rest assured in a hostage situation, I will probably be released first. My eyes will not get any worse-I am on the strongest reading prescription glasses there is and still need magnification at times. My secrets are safe with my friends because well, they can't remember them either. I can eat dinner at 4:00. If I go to the store and forget I still have my slippers on, oh well. I no longer care if I even run into people I know in said slippers in public. I have to confess I found many of these online but I thought they were appropriate for me.

I wish I could say I no longer care about my weight or my appearance. I am tired of feeling guilty for eating too much chocolate and not enough vegetables. I am tired of feeling guilty about anything actually. Typically one my age would say they are just not as competitive as they use to be. If that were true though, I wouldn't have made it to the start line of Kona IM World Championships coming up in a month.
My goal this coming year is to release myself from training pressure, relax more, worry less about how active I am and more about what I experience in life. I want to enjoy my family more and not sweat the small stuff. I am committed to simplifying my life, not really knowing what that will look like. Right now, if we lived in a very small Condo about the size of the one in Melbourne, I would be fine with that. Less crap to worry about. Living by the ocean sounds nice to anywhere uncomplicated sounds nice actually.
We will travel in 2015, I know H. is planning a trip to France for me for my birthday this Spring. I always wanted to see Paris in the Spring..with my amazing hubby.
In my 60s, I will probably watch as my body sags more, my skin becomes even thinner and my bones ache with the weather. I have fought through some arthritis issues while training for a year now. I have done my best to ignore theses things as they aren't really fitting into my plan of doing 2 Ironman races in a year. Denial has been my friend. This decade I will treat myself with less physical abuse and more TLC, learning to accept more my limitations as an aging person. Now to some, this may sound like giving up and giving in to aging but for me it is just lining up more with reality so I make it to the finish line of Life with grace!
I don't want my only accomplishment in my aging years to be sports competitions. I want to feel like more of a rounded human being with the remaining time that I have, hopefully at least 30 years!
But don't get me wrong, I am still training my ass off for the biggest Ironman competition n in the World October 11, 2014!

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LBTEPA said...

This is a very wise post Debi! Happy next decade!