Friday, June 1, 2007

Pre race routine..

I have come to develop this pre-race routine over the years. Well, esp this past year. The day before the race (today-Milkman is tomorrow). I eat carbs like crazy, no fiber past noon, no veges, fruit just carbs and a little protein. Then at dinner I have pasta & spaghetti sauce,usually around 5:00. Lots of gatorade today, lot of water. Then in the morning, I have a bagel with cream cheese and then another half bagel plan. One more gatorade and water. My usual FRS supplement (Lance uses this so I will be fast as Lance-:)), then I am off to the races. I have my lucky transition rug, my lucky Lance bracelet always with me. I swim 15 minutes before the start so I don't freak out at the start swimming..Sometimes a goo before the race if I feel in the least bit hungry.

I was suppose to do transition practice Wed but i was a slug. Then (I would not recommend this), I went to the dentist yesterday to have some chipped teeth worked on but he also removed a fatty growth from my cheek. Ouch! That hurt last night, think it is Ok today.. So now I need to get off my butt and go to the pool to swim and transition practice. The reward for this is a massage at 11:00 with Stephanie, the goddess of sports massage touch. Then off to Roswell, beautiful window to the world of UFOs. The weather looks like it may not cooperate for this evening practice swim and T-showers all nite but sunny in the AM until 11:00. Perfect!! Well i hope I am done by 11:00 !! :)

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codytriguy said...

Sounds like a perfect prerace routine! Look foreward to your post race report. Good luck!