Thursday, July 26, 2007

Busy Days, sleepless nights..

After 2 bad nights, I finally slept for about 9 hours straight last nite! It has been a few nights since that has happened so i feel great this AM! We did a speed workout on Tuesday on the track and I felt good, finally. Ran again yesterday after a long drive to Las Cruces for a Memorial Service for Hartley's Aunt. She was a very special lady. I hope I am as gracious and generous when i get older as she was. The run was at 5:00 P.M. Did I mention that is the heat of the day? It was a slow, zone one run so H & I went through about 6 of those little water bottles. I have discovered Nuun, the portable electrolytes you just put in your water for Lytes. They are awesome! And makes water taste better! Sweated like a pig but run went well. I love those slow runs!!

The weight loss challenge/healthier eating continues. My weight/conditioning program so far is easy but interesting-mostly conditioning. I feel better eating every 2 hours and have lost a pound in a week. Someone asked me why i wanted to lose weight. I know I am at a normal weight, normal body fat, etc... but my clothes do not fit me around the waist. It is literally like 7 pounds of a tire attached itself to my waist. So I: a) would like my clothes to fit b)would like to run faster-they say that is the only way to get faster once you are an "older" athlete as myself..

Lastly, I think the Physical Therapy conditioning is helping my back. Yesterday,no sciatica/back pain in the car, which was the real test.. Juan, the torture massage therapist, is really helping my muscles. Juan: "You have the tightest hamstrings i have ever felt." Me: "OWWWW!!!" Kind of like getting a pain shot. It really hurts when they give it to you, but feels much better afterwards. I think I will keep Juan to torture me after P.T. ends. I have never had this kind of muscle work done before but it really seems to help..I really want to take up yoga too-just need to fit it all in.

Now I have to get my butt out the door for a bike ride. It is getting later and later-I am going to pay the price!


Lisa - Slow & Steady said...

guess we have that same 'thick in the middle' issue. :)

Doctor Rick said...

It's difficult enough just to get my miles in. You get to bike, swim and run.