Monday, July 23, 2007

On to another great week!

It's hard to complain about anything when you wake up and realize you slept until 8:00! There is a grand baby here-Avery, who is an adorable 13 month old along with her mommy and daddy Heidi and Jack. We are having a great time. I babysat while they all went to see Bob Dylan last night (is he still alive? yes and had a good show). Avery and I played baby games and wore grandma out and she had to get her beauty sleep this AM..

I felt much better yesterday running. We went in the foothills, was a slow 5+ miles but I ran out of water so had to go back to the guard shack and ask the very cute guard if he had any water. He OF COURSE shared some water from his fridge with me. Then i ran back to my wonderful husband, OF COURSE and ran the rest of the way. It was HOT in them thar foothills! Then on the way back, had to walk the last mile because as usual I had to go the the BR not in the hills, where there is plenty of space, but just as we get into the neighborhoods again. Like Pavlov's dogs, I have to go. I saw an oasis in the dessert on the side of the street-a PORTA POTTY-just as I was really getting uncomfortable-YEA!! As I approach the miracle porta potty, A MOUSE scurries under it. Oh, no thank you-i will just walk to my nice, rodent free toilet at home.

The keeping track of food thing is really hard! I spend alot of time plugging in food to the computer program and it analyzes everything. I am learning alot about food content, I really thought I knew much more than I do about some things! So far there are more calories going out than in but we will see on weigh-day Wednesday. Other than my melt down on Saturday, I actually feel better I think in general. We went to a Japanese Restaurant last night which made it easy-I discovered the very nutritious Udon Soup and of coursed my favorite-Edamame. Very healthy!
Today-I am going to rest! But if i change my mind, I may do a swim..


Lisa - Slow & Steady said...

How come it's so hard to LOSE weight but so easy to "FIND" it?? Life's just not fair!!

Cody the Clydesdale said...

Why are you trying to drop weight? You and your hubby already look great! But I wish you luck.

becoloradogirl said...

Did you take any pictures of Avery? You should post them if you did!