Wednesday, July 11, 2007

I found the key to a good quality workout..

Well, first you make your training sandwiched in between 2 important appointments..Then you bring your bike to the bike trail, look at your watch and say, "I have 1.5 hours to do a ride. let's go!" So Hartley and I rode hard and managed to do around 26 miles in that time. It felt really good-no middle age felt today! Then we rushed to the pool to do a 2400 meter swim workout in 40 minutes. I would love to say I completed that one but I would be one hell of a swimmer if I did! I did do 1400 meters, took a very quick shower, went to a Dr.'s appt where the doctor said I looked great and younger than the last time I was there..OK-my ego needed that! So feel great today-off to Long Beach tomorrow to see the smartest 3 year old that ever lived (granddaughter Lane). We were going to drive but yesterday I was on the phone with Lane. She says "Grandma Debi-when are you coming here?" Me: "in 2 days-we are driving" Lane: "Grandma Debi, why don't you go on a plane so you can get here faster?" This is coming from a 3 year old! Well, Grandma Debi did some research and guess what? I found a killer last-minute fare and we are going to fly! Wow, my grandkid is something else. Someday I will make a list of all the things she comes up with. like conversing with a little adult..Can't wait to see that kid..


GeekGirl said...

Are you sure someone wasn't feeding her questions? Because, that's what I would do if my mom/MIL wanted to drive across the southwest in July...knowing that grandmas are suckers for grandbabies...I'm just sayin'!

Vickie said...

Have fun!