Friday, August 17, 2007

Pick your Poison..

So would you rather be dealing with this?:
Hurricane Dean
Or this?:

during travel on vacation? Seems that is what we may

be facing if we go. Now I am a neurotic traveler as mentioned before..but never had

to face the possibility of aftershocks of an earthquake before. Not to mention we

are planning on flying through Houston, which may be on the path of Dean

say oh about Friday (day we are planning to leave next week.).The

earthquake hit about 100 miles away from the epicenter from where we are going,

Cuzco. Apparently there is no damage there and business as usual hiking the Inca

Trail. I am still a bit nervous about the aftershocks they keep getting. The poor

people of Peru, which is third world anyway..I have mixed emotions about this trip.

Part of me feels guilty going and hiking near a place that has such suffering near

by-maybe we should be HELPING instead of vacationing. Then I read on one board that

the best we can do is support tourism because that is much of the country's income.

Then there is the hurricane.Last time I flew out from Houston, I experienced the

worst turbulence ever during storm over Texas. Storms+Texas=BAD! I have been stuck

in Dallas before-weather related. Anyways, i could go on and on. i need to choose

either to look at this positively and GO or decide to bail. Hartley and I were on

the side of bailing last night but today the news seems brighter.....If

it were up to my mother in law or daughter we would NOT go! The others in our group

seem un-concerned..Guess we will wait and see. In the meantime there is still all

this unpacked stuff on my floor, feeding my anxiety..


the Dread Pirate Rackham said...

well, m'dear, you only get one life. Let me ask you this: would you regret not going?

Whatever you decide, there's no need to look backward!

Vickie said...

Hopefully Dean will die out or go elsewhere for his vacation. As for third world countries, I feel the same compassion for these people, but you must realize it is the governments that keep these people this way. If it weren't for people like you, imagine how much worse they would be.

Anonymous said...

I say GO FOR IT!! It will all work out in the end! And what a GREAT ADVENTURE!
From your ever optimist sister, Molly :-)

Lisa - Slow & Steady said...

I don't think the earthquake situation will cause you any problems where you are going. It was much further south.

Now for the hurricane - that is more likely to delay your travel than anything. They won't fly into a hurricane, so don't worry about that!!

Bones said...

You should go, It still sounds like a lot of fun. Is there a real danger of a larger earthquake? It will add more to the adventure.

Allison said...

I think that it is better to be safe than sorry! I worry enough! I love you!
Allison (your daughter that worries!)