Tuesday, August 21, 2007

I't all OK in vacationland..

After a very stressful yesterday, things are looking up for the trip. The hurricane is going way south (great news is headed to not so populated places in Mexico). The tour company that we are booked with hasn't responded to our emails until last night. Through some mis-understandings, we thought maybe they didn't even have us on the roster but alas they do and we are fine..Now all we have to get is an emergency number for the family. We were away once when a family member (my sister) died and no one could get ahold of us. Thank god that trip I had a few dreams that basically lead me to check my email in a remote location of Chile and we got the news. There is nothing more stressful and traumatizing than learning about a death when you are out of the country. Since then, we are careful to always let the clan know how they can reach us in an emergency.

I have a million things to do before the trip on Friday, the list is growing.
Here is my room-no wonder I am overwhelmed:

Why is it so hard to put these items in a suitcase? Guess I need some therapy over this...
We went out for a ride yesterday in the morning and it was HOT!! I mean not as hot as Phoenix over the weekend (110 degrees) but still HOT! Then to the pool for a cool 2400 meter swim.
Saw 2 doctors yesterday who said I was basically in good shape. I am still taking the drugstore with me to Peru, JUST IN CASE I contract some horrible disease while I am there. Can you say neurotic?? That is me....I really was a good therapist-honest!


Anonymous said...

Mom would be horrified at the atate of your room!!!
Love, Molly

Vickie said...

I would be stressing and obsessing if I were leaving the country too! What if you forget something??

Lisa - Slow & Steady said...

It kinda looks like REI puked in your house with all that hiking gear spewed all over. LOL.