Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Weird Day..

I am alone

in Chama. This is the view from our place here..

Hartley got called unexpectedly back to Albuquerque last night. His mom is in the hospital. Doesn't appear to be anything serious (she fell-no broken bones-a slight chance of a blood clot). So here I sit, waiting for the delivery of our new dishwasher, washer and dryer. Oh and heater repair guy. This is all a result of the flood/freeze we had here this spring. It is slowly but surely becoming a newer version of our 10 year old mountain home.

We did hill repeats yesterday about 12 times. I bonked at the beginning. I learned a long time ago to bring gel with me, no matter how short of a run i am doing..So when I got that "feeling"-lightheadedness, feeling like all the blood has left my body then I know-eat a gel. It helped and we had found the steepest hill in Brazos to do the repeats but after one we decided to alter our workout and do less steep hills in the area. These dang suckers are hard!! Run uphill 2 min, then jog down for one min. I am tired today so the only training I am doing is some weights and stretching. Didn't want to ride my bike alone up here-just scares me a little. I have my Sweet dog, Mocha, sho wouldn't hurt a fly but sounds really mean when she barks so i feel safe being at the cabin alone..


Vickie said...

What a beautiful place! So peaceful. You are lucky to have the solitude and beauty all around you. If you get Runners World, there is a hill workout in the Oct. issue.

skoshi said...

Sending concern for Hartley's mom.
Hope she is OK, and now out of the hospital, and that he and you are doing OK, too.
I don't like to ride alone out in alone places anymore either. Probably wise to wait until Hartley gets back. There's nothing like getting a flat out in the middle of nowhere, having your CO2 malfunction, and being stuck. Hartley would probably worry about you anyway, if you went out alone.
Beautiful place. Must be nice to get it refurbished and new again.

the Dread Pirate Rackham said...

wow. I hope H's mom is OK -

That's a gorgeous place you got there - enjoy your wonderful view!

Cody the Clydesdale said...

I said a prayer for Hartley's Mom.

Try and enjoy the beauty of where your at, even if yur not with your soul mate temporarily. It's really awsome to see two people still in as much love as you too are after so many years of marriage.

Anonymous said...

Prayers for Bea and Hartley! Let us know how things go.
Love, Linda