Friday, November 2, 2007

To the Dr.-motivation to stay healthy..

I went to the Dr. yesterday, waited an hour for him to tell me what I already knew. I have bronchitis, probably viral. I told him I have had this about 4 times in the last year. He asked how old I was-I told him-he said well, after 50 we all get weaker systems and body doesn't fight as hard. Say what??Just give me the drugs buddy-I ain't buyin' that...i smiled and laughed but thought "f&^*$k you! I do not accept that answer". So then I got my drugs and left. I hate the doctor, I hate our health system, I am ready to move to a country where health care is valued. The people at the Dr.'s office (workers) were practically dressed in jeans, the aide that checked me in said nothing to me, not even a "hello" as she took my vitals. The Dr. is really nice but overshares a little. He went on and on telling me all the meds he was on now that he was over 50, he is overweight, has high BP, high cholesterol. He can't run anymore because he hurts all over. His mom died of a heart attack at 53. Now this is the guy I really want to treat me for heart disease for sure..What a joke! And I can remember in my early nursing days (sounding old now), when patients were treated professionally, nurses had a role in doctors' offices-it was very different. Now the indifference is overwhelming. It is, however, a good reason to stay healthy and scary if there was ever something really wrong with me or my family. I then went on to Walmart to get said drugs and waited another hour while one person was checking out about 50 people in line to get their meds too. There was one pharmacist, one tech that had long greasy hair-I thought-"yuck" hope his hair doesn't get near my meds..Now maybe it was because I felt so sick and it had been 2 hours since I left my house but I became very disheartened at this point almost despair about the state of health care here in Albuquerque or probably nation wide..

Then later- I saw Dr. Oz on Oprah talking about how we could live to be 100 years old and vital if we take care of ourselves..Now that is who I want to see in his office!! Wonder if he is too busy doing the Oprah show? And he is cute too..

I am seriously going to start studying health care in different countries. I have heard that Thailand and India have some pretty good care..It just scares me how we are in this country now. And I haven't even seen Sicko yet. I am sure I will completely freak out if I do..

Now that I got that out of my system-I am planning to go to the gym for a short workout today and maybe a jog/walk outside. I think my brain is getting warped just sitting in my house all day..

By the way-I feel better today..Almost human..on the mend-despite my Dr's visit I think.


21stCenturyMom said...

I'm sorry you have such a craptastic doctor. My doctor's office is the polar opposite. The nurses and other techs introduce themselves, tell me what they are going to do and ask me what I'd like them to call me. I've had great care lately. Of course I pay $550/mo for insurance but at the moment it is worth it.

If it is possible for you to change docs then do it. I'm guessing you are with an HMO that makes that hard, though. That's just no good at all.

The pharmacy situation is the same, though. They expect you to drop the Rx off and come back which makes NO sense for sick people. Crazy.

momo said...

i'm glad you're feeling a little better. i always shake my head whenever i'm at the hospital - you see the most unhealthy, smoking people taking care of us. what's that all about?

and i think he's mistaken about the body. does he realize what you did this past weekend?? doesn't sound like you're falling apart to me. sounds like you got a bug. big difference!

Vickie said...

Well unfortunately you have hit upon the WORST of the American health care system. Truly though, we still have many countries beat. The problem of course is the dratted HMOs they came out with in the 80s? Not good. As for the doc, you probably need to ditch him. And unfortunately for us in the "over 50" age group, I can tell you from first-hand experience you become invisible. No one really wants to deal with over 50 women without either putting them on some sort of medication or God knows what other regimen. Just do what you think is best. As long as your blood pressure, breast exam, pap smears, and blood tests come out okay, you shouldn't need to listen to those doomsayers.

cindy said...

I like when Dr. Oz is on...he seems so passionate about being a doctor!

skoshi said...

Dr. Oz has a great healthcare perspective. His focus is certainly in the areas that are the best for maximal quality of aging--prevention, improving health, delaying cell aging, etc.

My comment involves a couple of areas. The first is a little known fact: HMO's were initiated in New Mexico, 1978, by Lovelace. Ick--we started it!

The second is that exercise can be both beneficial and detrimental to the immune system--and overall body health. "Moderate" can boost the immune system, but more intense involvement has been shown to depress the immune system (research studies). After a body stressing event, such as the recent SOMA, for some, the body is left wide open for critters to come in and affect(infect)it. We all are affected to differing degrees and it's good to be aware of how each of our individual bodies react, and make adjustments for our own best health. This doesn't mean avoiding endurance or difficult events--this just means learning who you are, listening to your body, etc. The gamut of taking care of oneself includes rest, nutrition, maintaining ideal weight (not losing too much too quickly), etc. Women can be affected by monthly hormone changes.

It is true that as we age, for all of us, our immune systems don't work as well. It's a subtle change that can become more pronounced. Learning/listening to our bodies as we get older, gives us the tools to work with these changes for maximal health.

Finally, besides your MD's TMI, which was remarkably unnecessary--altho' he may just have been socially/professionally deficiant--finding a doctor that works for you is VERY important. Good advice from your other blogger comment contributors. I see a great NP. I'd be happy to talk with you about why I like her, what she has done for me (her style, etc), and you can call her office if your interested. Can't guarentee youwon't have a wait at the doctor's office tho' :)

skoshi said...

Whoops-meant to edit before I posted, but made an error--
thanks for patience with my long comment.

Duane said...

Debi, I used to get bronchitis or pneumonia every year for about 6-7 years. I'd be out of work for 2-3 weeks. Then a friend turned me onto a vitamin two years ago and I have had a cold twice - once for a day and a half and once for about 5 days, neither one got very bad. You might want to give them a try, I swear by them. Rainbow Light Hope you heal fast!

Cody the Clydesdale said...

Yup, Dr.s are not very good anymore. They want you out of thier office as fast as they can get you out to get another paying person in & out as fast as possible. ever have a sport related injury & ask how to avoid it from happaning again? It's always just"There's many possible reasons. I'd just suggest u stay off of it until it heals. Next patient please!"

I feel better now.