Sunday, October 28, 2007

Short Version of Soma Race Report..

IT WAS HOT!!! I mean the kind of hot that made me question whether I would finish! But I did and did PR of 6:47. I did the bike in 3:05 which is fast for me. I had to walk part of the run because the temp was 97 degrees here today (the record is 99). Did I mention it was HOT?? I think I got 6th in my age group but official results not up yet:

Now the bad news:

Hartley pulled a calf muscle on the run and had to stop. He was doing great up until mile 2 on the run and something "snapped" and he couldn't run or walk the rest. He is OK-still hobbling but able to walk now..He is bummed and I am too cause he does so well in the elements-better than I-so he would have rocked the run..

More later-it was by far the hottest race i have ever done and one of the hardest!


Lisa - Slow & Steady said...

congrats on your PR. Sorry about Hartley's injury. hope he heals up soon!

cindy said...

Racing in the heat is no fun :( Getting a PR in the hottest and hardest race of your life is amazing...I hope you are enjoying your accomplishment!!

Best wishes and healing to Hartley.

S. Baboo said...

Great job on the PR! I was very sorry to see Hartly in the med tent but he seemed to be in good spirits. Wish him well for us.