Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Dogs are gone and snow,snow,snow!

We arrived last night to a very different scene from last week. The dogs are gone!!! We can only hope that Chuck(y) came and got his dogs. Not sure how Animal Control could have braved the storm to get them unless they came up today with a good snow vehicle. At any rate, we are safe at last! Here is the new photo from our window. Compared to the last picture from that view-snow, snow snow! We got at least 2 feet, maybe more..It is really beautiful..

Our friend Michael still hasn't been found at Wolf Creek. Things are looking kind of hopeless.If they are still alive, it will be a miracle at this point. As a mom, I cannot imagine what his mom is going through..very sad indeed..


jbmmommy said...

I saw a news story about a rescue out west and was hoping it was him. Continued thoughts and prayers for him and his family and friends.

the Dread Pirate Rackham said...

Debi, I know Mark and Laura. I didn't know it was their kid.

I feel awful about this. I can't believe this is happening.