Sunday, January 6, 2008

Chapter 3 of Pit Bulls and training..

I'll start with the dog story. Here is a conversation I remember having with "Chuck(Y)"in the Fall.

(Think of the movie "Deliverance" as you read this):

Me: What is the dog's name?
Chuck: Numb-nuts..
Me: No, I mean really, what is his name?
Chuck: Numb-nuts! Really, cause that's what he is..

So I will now refer to said dog as "Numb-nuts". The other dog, that is tied to the trailer, who has been known to attack and would probably maim and kill- well, H and I have named him Tatiana. That is the name of the tiger that got loose in the SF Zoo and attacked several people. I know-we should not be so attached to these dogs. By Friday afternoon, the dogs were still there, Numb-nuts running wild. I called Animal Control in Espanola again and spoke to Cipi (Hartley corrected my spelling-it is short for Cipriano, which sounds like an antibiotic I was on once-I digress). He said he had been up to the property for 2 hours that morning. That he tried to catch Numb-nuts, proceeded by the dog lunging at Cipi's face, so he smacked him down-couldn't capture the dog. He said he couldn't even get the one one that is tied to the trailer-Tatiana to us- with his snare..So now it is time to call in some re-enforcements-he said. He will be back on Monday with a helper to get the dogs. He left the owner, or whoever is feeding the dogs (Cipi said he saw dog food there) to call Animal Control ASAP. Cipi said he came and knocked on our door but I guess we didn't hear him or something because we were there. We don't get many visitors there and our kids are convinced we are deaf so it is possible we didn't hear him. We did not see Numb-nuts for about the last 24hours we were there so maybe he finally got himself killed or lost or someone who has guts shot him..

In the meantime, H & I were to come back to ABQ today for some appointments I have tomorrow. We decided to leave yesterday, since it was already snowing up there and has been snowing since. We will go back on Tuesday and please God-let those dogs be gone!

Training wise: I took two days off. I really did. I figured it is only a matter of a couple of weeks before that will not be possible again, since Ironman training starts in earnest at the beginning of February. Oh and Mark Allen and I are good again. I ran on the treadmill today 6 miles and did 12.5 min. miles. Gee amazing, huh? Well, I guess the altitude and Yak-trax do slow me down a bit after all..

By the way-nail biting is a hard habit to break! I do it unconsciously..oh my. I had to finally paint my finger nails with about 12 coats of nail hardening just to give myself a signal that I was gnawing on my nails again. It is such a disgusting habit but ever since I got rid of the false nails, I have bitten my nails while I am watching TV, in the car, any time my hands are not occupied. Can't wait for knitting class to start..

Stay tuned..I have had several calls to ask about the dog situation so I will try and keep abreast of it and blog when something I passed by Tatiana yesterday, I felt like crying-feeling so bad for the way these dogs are being treated and it is not their fault they are agressive. That is the way they were raised and is their instinct..


Vickie said...

My bad habit is picking at the skin around my nails. I finally cured myself of biting them, and now the annoying thing is having to CUT THEM constantly. Go figure. The dog situation is scary and sad at the same time. I hope there is a good outcome to this story for the animal's sake.

Lisa - Slow & Steady said...

I quit biting my nails for a while during the summer. Then they got too long and I didn't know what to do with them. Then I cut them off. Then I started biting them again. Now I'm thinking of quitting biting them again (which requires, in my case, to ALWAYS have them painted). I think it's a never ending circle.

Too bad about those dogs. It's heartbreaking to me to hear of dogs being treated that way. As you said, they end up acting like they do because they don't know any better. Poor things.

Bones said...

Hope the dog situation is cleared up when you get back. But at least they are being feed.

Chuck sounds like a real character!

Glad to hear you and Mark Allen are good again. You never know when you'll need a world class athlete around! :)