Friday, January 18, 2008

Temperature update..

FYI-New record low last night in Chama, New Mexico..
-19 degrees lowest EVER in recorded history..

We RAN in single digits today..50 minutes..for real..on the snow/ice. Our faces were frozen, our toes numb but we ran our fastest of the month. Probably because we were trying to keep warm! Another swim in the local pool-I feel like we struck gold! The rest of the afternoon we spent trying to shovel this huge glacier we have on our deck. We are making a dent, at last..

Company tomorrow! Our friend Val is coming up to see the pioneers at work. We got a new HDTV at Walmart so things aren't so bad. Of course we can't get anyone who can competently hook up our DirecTV. The guy is always coming "tomorrow".

Oh and I am watching the most amazing PBS series called "The War" It is about 16 hours long but is the best information about WW2 I have ever seen..and interesting! I don't usually like those historical things. But this is reality TV at it's best..


cindy said...

A nice warm, cozy cabin with HDTV waiting for you after a cold freezing run sounds nice!

Vickie said...

If you can run that long in that kind of cold, you can run in anything! Keep warm!

Steve Stenzel said...

HA! 21st Cent Mom just poked fun of both of us on her blog...