Monday, February 4, 2008

First Day of Ironman Training...

and it is snowing!! Here is the weather report for today:

Daily Weather Forecast for Albuquerque, NM -
Rain / Snow
Wind: WSW 18 mph

So I guess my first official bike workout will be a spin class..Anticlimactic if you ask me.
Hartley and I went to ride outside with some other tri folks in the 25 degree weather on Sat. AM. It was rather humbling as we road to the East mountain area and I think my average up the hills was about 5 MPH. Oh and that is with my HR at around 150. So my new coach, Luis and I will have to discuss the HR thing soon..Either that or I will be walking myself up the hills with my bike which may be quite embarrassing in a race.. Needless to say, most of the rest of the group stood waiting for us at times and that kind of sucked to be holding people back..

I am really excited about the training-that is subject to change over the next 20 weeks. After spin I have swimming today, which is usually relaxing for me. I am thinking about hiring a coach for a few sessions to help me tune up some swim techniques..

Becca, Dan, Heidi, Heather and Jack are stilll here . We watched the Super Bowl yesterday. In case you heard a giant roar from the Northeast Heights, it was the many people in our house screaming simultaneously in the fourth quarter. We are Giants fans, ify ou couldn't tell and man you could hear it with that last touchdown. The dog even got scared and the baby had to be taken from the room it was so loud.! We had a blast though and afterward folks played bowling, tennis and boxing with Heidi's Wii game. What an amazing " toy" that thing is!

More later about training adventures..


Anonymous said...

Looks like a good workout this week, Debi. I wish I was in Albuquerque, I could be your swim coach! :-)
We also cheered for the Giants - one of the players: R W McQuarters, was one of my students at Booker T in Tulsa! It's been fun to watch him play this season!
Love you

cindy said...

I had to laugh because we had the same loud roar in our house in the 4th quarter and our dogs freaked out. Our little one ran upstairs!

We are normally Cowboys fans, but cheered for the Giants last night. Eli is so cute, too :)

Vickie said...

I wish I could feel bad about your weather, but all I can do is sympathize! It will be over soon, right?