Wednesday, February 27, 2008

The good, bad and ugly..

H & I did our long bike ride/brick today with some folks we know that ride every Wed. I ended up going early in case I couldn't get my 3 and 1/2 hours in. It was COLD to begin on the bike trail but I ran into Amy on my little trek in the cold. She has a new Garmin cadence sensor and Garmin bike holder. I saw that and thought I have to have those! My Garmin was flapping around my aerobars the whole 51 mile ride-annoying. So I will be ordering those items soon.

The days' highlights:

1. I had to get in front of everyone to get my HR up above 110, only to have to drop back about a mile on the hills to keep my HR below 135. Quite comical actually. My loyal hubby stayed with me and my erratic training plan. I think these guys thought I was nuts, but they understood my crazy speeds..

2. I managed to wolf down 2 goos, 1 bar, a bunch of shot bloks and 2 oz. of Infinit Nutrition in my water. Practicing nutrition is an intricate part of the training for IM because basically you have to gorge on food on the bike to carry you through the run. I remember in Florida not being able to eat much on the marathon.

3. I actually averaged 14.5 miles an hour which for me lately, doing the HR thing, is an improvement. You can check out my bike profile on the sidebar..

4. They were doing construction on part of the bike path and I was in front. The very loud rat-tat-tat machine made it impossible for the workmen to hear me yell "Heads up, heads up!!" So one of the workmen stepped right in front of me as I passed with his back to me. I yelled, "Hold on to me, hold on to me!" because it was too late to unclip and I knew I was going down. He didn't get it so down I went. Only a scrape and a sore knee but man was I pissed! I said-"you need to watch out-there are lots of cyclists on this path!" He apologized profusely. I got up, dusted myself off and muttered about it for about 2 miles-don't think H was actually listening to my complaining. The more I think about it, the more I realize that bike accidents happen alot just because of stupid people! OK-got that off my chest.

5. We bricked into a 30 min run, where my legs felt great.

I actually skipped a workout this week because Coach Luis said since my legs were not recovering that it would be a good idea to take an extra day off. Now I really like him-he actually listens to me! All in all this was a good plan because I felt really good today on the bike.

The best part of this week is I ordered my new Cervelo tri bike and should be getting it in 2 weeks. I am so psyched!


Fe-lady said... are doing BRICKS already? I need to stop reading other people's plans and stick to mine...stick to my plan, stick to my plan....
(Easier said than done, 'cause it feels like everyone is somewhat ahead of me!)

cindy said...

Glad you're okay from the fall!

I don't have the Garmin cadence sensor, but Jeff and I have the bike mount (if it's the same one you're talking about), and we got it at REI. I comes with a wrist strap, too. We love it!

Wow...a new tri bike..I'm so jealous!!! Enjoy :)

Bones said...

I am so jealous, a new Tri bike! How cool! Extra recovery days are great but don't you feel guilty for taking an extra day off? I know I do.

Glad to hear the new coach is working out for you! At least you have your annual fall out of the way :)

becoloradogirl said...

Hey Mom - where did you end up ordering the bike from?

momo said...

i'm so glad you're ok! i'm scared to fall (which means it will prolly happen soon, huh?).

i have that quick release kit too and its great! so much easier than trying to figure out where to attach the strap!

Duane said...

Glad you're okay and congrats on getting a new bike!

Vickie said...

I know exactly what you mean about stupid people on bike paths (or anywhere!). As much as I hate it, I still have to remind myself we are not average, and the average (or mostly below it seems) people (1)do not think of anyone but themselves and (2) do not think of anyone being athletic in any area around them. Good thing you weren't hurt too much.

tri-dogmom said...

how do you like the infinit nutrition???