Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Holding up in a snowdrift..

We are back in Chama. Let me just say that if we get usual March amounts of snow here, it will be a record amount of snowfall this year...the snow is almost to the top of our windows now. The Chama area has gotten 165 inches of snow! Actually,the glacier we have abutting the window is still very high , despite the "warm" (above freezing) weather Chama has seen in the last few days.

All is well at the home front here. No broken windows from the explosion at the fire station, no leaks, no floods. Our worst hardship is we have no satellite TV in the downstairs and we are almost out of propane (hopefully will get the propane guys here tomorrow). We feel lucky! We ran down by the fire station today and it was eerie. They are taking down the structure and literally there is only a skeleton where the building use to be. The people in this community are pulling together and the fire station will be back by summer. The local grocery store is going to be rebuilt after the roof caved in from the snow. It is amazing really after the disastrous winter-seems like a whole different world up here compared to Albuquerque.

It was a beautiful day today and we ran outside without yak-trax! My running is getting faster-I am amazed! H and I are going to Alpine, Texas next weekend for a triathlon. It's just a sprint but that is where I will find out just how fast I really am this year. Even though I am not training for speed distances, I still think I am in better shape, especially with all the weight lifting, which I have not done this routinely for probably 10 years. With our little gym equipment here, we finished a limited version of weight training today after the run. I decided not to haul my bike and trainer up here for one workout tomorrow. I cannot wait for warm weather to get here!

Oh and by the way, "Chuck"s trailer survived the weather! That is unfortunate. It looks like he still has not been around.

Side note: My daughter and granddaughter were in ABQ this past weekend. I just have to post one picture. This kid (Lane-age 4) is the funniest, brightest child I have ever met:

Lane-Age 4

Me: Age 4


Bones said...

Glad to hear all the weight training and HR training has paid off! have fun at the alpine race :)

Are you sure Lane isn't your daughter? You sure have some strong genes running on your side of the family!

Anonymous said...

Good luck with the sprint tri!

That cute little kiddo looks like you!!

Anonymous said...

If you add a photo of Allison along with the others, you would all look like triplets! :-)

SWTrigal said...

I'll have to dig out a pic of Allison and Becca. We all look so much alike my son-in-law is convinced we are part of a cult and there are really no male genes!

Vickie said...

The likeness is amazing! She must be an aspiring triathlete and maybe doesn't even know it yet.