Friday, March 7, 2008

I'm such a speed demon!

I finally got to do speed work yesterday. My old heart does remember how to go over 135 after all. The 26 minutes on the treadmill and 39 min. on the spin bike were all at let-her-rip speed! I actually got to run 7.5/min miles for 30 seconds at a time! Now if it can only translate to a 5k on Sunday..

I am cautiously optimistic..We are having our first "swim lesson" today with a swim coach to help H and I up our game in the water. I am hoping to break the 'ole 2:00/100 that seems to be my forever pace. I could not get my HR up in the swim in doing 50's however. I suppose I could if the distance was longer.

Now for a 45 mi. easy spin today, swim then off to Alpine, Texas tomorrow. We will do a quick 20 min. jog on the way when we stop for gas or something. I am excited...first race of the year!