Monday, May 26, 2008

Let the taper begin!!

I did it! My longest training week is over and now comes the payoff-tapering and racing!

Saturday: did a 2:40 min. run

Sunday: a few of us went out to Cochiti Lake, where the water was a balmy 58 degrees. I came armed and ready..bought this really cool polar tech thermal wetsuit shirt that Mark Allen himself recommended for icy waters. It was a bit snug under my wetsuit at first but after swimming a bit, got more comfortable. I had my Neoprene hood on and booties (not legal in races but what the hell-I had them so why not use them). Results: I was nice and warm in 2.4 miles of not so warm water. I had a moment in the middle of the lake, quite a bit behind the lead group and I started to panic a bit. I think I was getting hungry, couldn't reach my Carboom gel and just started telling myself scary things oh my god I am out here and can't get to shore..Silly stuff..I quickly calmed myself down and began counting and looking at the scenery-it worked. I made it across, ate my gel-then swam back with the group..

Monday: Rode my bike with a friend for 92 miles. H caught up with us around mile 35. We had a head wind going, then the wind switched and we had a head wind coming back. I think I am finally just plain numb to the wind. It has blown, and I am talking at least 25 MPH winds probably 90% of my long and short rides in the last three months. I am not kidding. I just laugh now-of course the wind changed directions-ha! The ride was followed by my "run" brick of 30 minutes. I use the term "run" loosely as it was more of a jog. It felt good, I feel good. I am wondering what is wrong with me-like when is the other shoe going to drop? But then again, maybe I am just peaking at the right time for an Ironman!!! Oh please!!

One of the campers (Kelly) at my recent triathlon camp has done well for herself:
SECOND-overall at Ironman Brasil!! She is Kelly in the article. She is also beautiful and a very nice person. Geez, can I turn back the clock and be born fast? I am really proud of her!

Lastly-2 of our daughters came to visit this weekend so sneaking in my training was tricky. It was insinuated that maybe I was a bit Ironman grumpy. Ya think?? WHAT THE HELL??

Ha! Here are me and my little girls:

Addendum: Well, you know you are Ironman spacey and tired when you wear your slippers to the gym. Yep-that is what I did this morning as I went for my AM swim. Thank goodness I had an extra pair of boat shoes in my gym bag-otherwise with my sweats and slippers, I would have looked like something out of a bad pajama party!


Calyx Meredith said...

What a GREAT picture! I am so impressed at how you manage to get it all in (training and family). Your determination is really inspiring and it sounds like you have hit the peak exactly right. You are going to have such a strong Ironman!! Enjoy the taper and can't wait to hear more about the whole IM experience.

JohnnyTri said...

wow wait a minute.. you stopped to take a gel in the middle of the swim? Now thats cool! I would have said forget it and just keep swimming.
Nice job and enjoy the taper. I have about another week. One more long weekend coming up.


cindy said...

You really are inspiring with your training. I know you're gonna have such a great IM!

That picture is wonderful :)

Tea said...

Your daughters are absolutely beautiful!

btw-I'm so glad you mentioned the gel thing. I've been trying to figure out how to open one if I'm in the water. I have a tendency of cramping up. I could take it heading out into the second loop...I guess.