Monday, July 21, 2008

Vineman 70.3-the good and bad..

SOooo...the story goes:

We started to leave Bakersfield on Friday only to find our car tire was flat! Being new tires and from Costco, we waited until the local Costco opened and got it fixed and were out of there by noon. This put us behind the 8-ball so to speak as we traveled through Oakland and CA Friday afternoon rush hour traffic. To say it was slow is an understatement but we finally arrived on Friday around 6:00. The "hotel" is not "quaint" to me. It is more like an overpriced basic cabin with nothing more than 2 beds and a couple of lamps that don't give out enough light. No cell service, no phones, no TV (think rustic only worse). Squeeky beds, doors that won't close, uneven floors-the worst place we have ever stayed. I like my luxury after my races-like a bathtub for instance-call me crazy! It was clean however, and pretty noise free. And very close to Johnson Beach, the start of the race.

After practicing and packet pick-up as I mentioned on Saturday, we ate at the same restaurant we had eaten the night before-dinner of pasta, etc..and called it an early night. Good nights sleep with awakening at 5:00. Now here is where the advantage of staying a 6 min walk from the race start kicks in. We left at 6:15, walked our bike over and were there at transition by 6:25. My wave went off at 7:18. There were 2000 people competing so this was a big race! I always feel nervous before these things and say why the hell am I doing this, etc..So many people, so many nerves-yikes! It turns out the water was 70 degrees so my call to wear a full wetsuit was a good one. The morning air is cold here too. The Russian River is beautiful-the prettiest swim ever, I think. I kissed H and said good luck-his wave was 8 min behind me.

Swim: My wave of 45+ women started and I just started swimming at a pretty good pace right away. So nice not to get bopped around like IMCDA. And the warmth! Oh my! That was the best feeling-to swim in warm water at last. It seemed like it took forever to get to the turnaround buoy but as the course is lined up, at the turnaround, you are about 2/3 the way there. The current was suppose to be flowing with you coming back but I never really felt it. I thought I may break 40 min, finally and I did. 7th out of the water in my AG of 25 women-
Time 38:43-PR!!

T-1 was very slow. Since there were 2 transition sites, you had to put all your wetsuit stuff in a bag with your number on it and I forgot to put my lucky transition rug in it so had to run back and do that. I am very superstitious when it comes to my transition rug-I have used it since I started racing..
T-1: 4:42

Bike: There was a pretty thick fog to start the race but the day before it had burned off by 10:00. Not on race day. I was cold from the get-go on the bike. The decision not to wear arm warmers was not a good one! I was cold the whole bike but I guess that made me ride faster! I felt good on the bike and my new Zipps. My tire was screwed up the day before and a mechanic at the expo fixed it and YEA!! I was flying! The course seems so much harder when you drive it than it really feels. I remember this from Barb's Race 5 years ago. Chalk Hill, at mile 46 is kind hard but at the end, I was like, Is that it? I peed on the bike several times, H is appalled by that. So I was pretty disgusting by the end. I remember my friend Maria saying, Triathlon is such a messy sport! Hey-even the pros pee on the bike! I felt great on the bike and again got 7th in my AG on the bike!
Time: 3:28

T-2: Oh lord, it was long. You have to run at least 500 yards to transition and then another couple of min to my T-2 where my stuff was waiting where I left it the day before. T-2 and the finish is in a whole different town than the start, at Windsor High School. I was a bit disoriented at T-2 and took me awhile to find my stuff. Then I did change my socks as I was a bit of a mess.
T-2 time: A painfully slow 5:56

Run: The good news is the sun came out finally! And a nice breeze made it nice and cool. Perfect weather..Well, here is where things seemed to fall apart a bit. At first, my hamstrings were cramped and so tight I could barely run. Then both my feet went numb (didn't this happen last time I did Barb's Race? Why yes it did. WTF?). I took 2 Advil, salt tablets, took my shoes off and rubbed my feet. I walked most of the first 5 miles. Then all of a sudden, like magic, I could feel my feet again. I did run the last 8 miles, walked the aid stations. Had to stop at the porta potty about 4 times which was annoying. I kept my HR between 135 and 150 for most of the race. 21st Century Mom and IronMomJenny passed me sometime in there. I was worried about H, who I had not seen since the start. At mile 8 or so, we passed each other! He was smiling, said something about mechanical failure on the bike but he was running! About mile 11 a woman in my AG passed me. I tried to keep up but alas to no avail. Then at mile 12, just as I was praying no one else would do that-here comes another woman in my AG! Oh I was pissed now! I ran as fast as I could but could not keep up for the life of me. So my run time was pretty bad: 2:51:51. Finished 18th out of 25 in my AG at the end.
Total time: 7:09:16

How do I feel about this race? I tried my very hardest and did my best. I feel proud of my swim and bike and bummed about the run. But I kept telling myself that these other 24 women probably did not do IMCDA 3 weeks ago either! It was my perfect out! One of these days I would like to have a half IM where I can pull off the run at the end in good form. Seems like everytime, I suffer too much on the run and never do well. Something to shoot for! I am pretty happy overall..

I was tired at the end!! Not use to pushing my old heart that hard,especially at the end. I waited about a half hour and cheered H in-he did it! His first Half IM!! He was so happy....

I woke up several times in the night with REALLY sore legs and hips. After several Advil and Tylenol, I finally got some sleep. We are off for the coast of Oregon today..

I didn't take any pictures this race!! Too bad because the river is so nice. I am photo-fatigued from IMCDA! I will be taking pics as we travel. More later..

Addendum: I stand corrected by GeekGirl-IMCDA was 4 weeks ago! Dang-now I have no excuses! :)


RBR said...

This is going to be the most awful "about me" comment and you don't even know me, so I apologize profusely.

Thank you for this. I am freaking out about Barb's Race and I was so afraid I would come here today and you would say how awful the course was and I would freak out more.

When you drove the bike course and said it looked hard I was dying. I thought "she is fast and WAY hardcore and if she thinks its hard I am going to DIE out there!"

Thank you for race report and congratulations on a great race. I would KILL for 7 hours, if all goes well, I will be more like 8 1/2.

Muppetdog said...

Great job! You flew through that swim and bike! That run course and the hills are not especially kind on the body after everything else. I think I hurt my foot running in bike shoes to far to T2.

cindy said...

Way to go!! Man, you're such a fast swimmer. Great bike, too. Hey, that's not a bad run either considering you recently did a full ironman!

Congrats on the swim PR! (good swim karma ;)), you've been working your butt off in the pool and it paid off.

Tell H congrats on his race, too!

jedishoney said...

I am so proud of you! Another race in the books!!! Good job!! I hope Heartly is feeling loads better too!! About a year ago Asher fell and hit his head on the coffee table.. did the same thing.. didn't know what happened.. was looking confused for a bit.. and he wasn't wearing a helmet! :) love you! Talk to you soon!

Iron "GeekGirl" Misty said...

7:09? DAAAaaannnnnngg! That's a great time. I'll be picking your brain about the course, since I'm doing Barb's race in 2 weeks...we need to do lunch, I think.

LBTEPA said...

Especially 3 weeks out from IMCdA - it must be hard to switch your mindset after concentrating on 'the Big One' for so long

21stCenturyMom said...

You got there! And yes - you had a recent IM under your belt and probably still have some wear and tear from that. And you smoked on the bike and I'm convinced that the art of endurance has somthing to do with how you handle the bike in order to be able to manage the run. I'm still a rookie so I have no magic formula but I'm thinking there's something to my early theory.

It was great seeing you out there!

Duane said...

Great job! Congrats to both of you!!!

Calyx Meredith said...

I love reading your race reports. LOVE them. So glad you and H had such a good race. Congratulations!

Fe-lady said...

Legit matter if CDA was three or four or EVEN FIVE weeks ago!

It takes it's toll...if not physically, then mentally.

I personally have NO idea how you pulled this off after just finishing an should be PROUD of yourself!
Congratulations! You still did really well in our AG...
and great job on the bike and swim! You were flying!

tri-dogmom said...

I'm so impressed you did a half IM so closely.... And, did great to boot!

Congrats :-)

I'm thinking about starting to "train" again... pulling out an old HIM schedule to do Soma.

Heather said...

Congratulations to you BOTH! You guys ROCK!!!!

Susi said...

Way to go!! I'm more than impressed with your achievement! Only(?!) four weeks out of IMCDA. Dude that's friggin awesome!!!

Glad H was able to run as well!

Have a wonderful time in Oregon! You can practice some ocean open water swimming there. tee hee.

Lisa said...

Good job to both of you!! You really rocked the swim and the bike, too.

Peeing on the bike grosses me out too, but whatever works for you...

21stCenturyMom said...

Deb I just got a little confused reading this because my bike time was 3:37 and I know you were way ahead of me. Your bike time was 3:28, not 3:35. Your transitions times are up, too and they are similar to mine (5ish in T1 and 4ish in T2).

You really did rock the swim and the bike. Well done!

Bones said...

Yeah, you should have beat them all! After all you had a full four weeks to recover :) Great race, maybe your feet just go numb when you are in CA? haha.