Wednesday, October 8, 2008

OMG is this Ironman ever going to get here?

I am grumpy, tired and sore...OK so that means the training is spot on! We did 7 miles on the treadmill this AM, then 40 mile bike ride..After consulting with our chiropractor (that just sounds like something an old couple would say), we are to stick to the "dreadmill" or soft surfaces for all our running until IMAZ. Has anyone ever run 3 hours on a treadmill? It is like torture..I am sure..

H has a pulled or inflamed tendon in his lower leg, I have back pain..from long standing arthritis in my back and all the doubt..The chiro can't seem to "crack" me out of the pain so plan B is to go to a pain doctor and look into an injection in my back. I know this is risky but just once before the race-I don't think will hurt me..I just need to get back to "normal" training and I'll bet the pain will be gone.. when you go to bed and lay there and think I am so hungry! then you know you are doing some hard training...Large tablespoons of peanut butter are helpful at this hour..better than candy or doughnuts I guess...Still have the extra weight I did not have before IMCDA. Oh well, just have to deal with it..Is frustrating to do all this working out and still be gaining-actually really pisses me off but what the hell-I am still in good shape..

The economy is going to hell in a hand basket and I continue to be in my little Ironman world.I guess it keeps me from becoming actually worried..It did motivate me to go to Blue Cross yesterday and discuss my benefits with this really nice woman who explained everything to me. Basically if I use "out of Network" doctors, it sounds nice that it will be "covered" but in actuality they are not....long story short, I have been scammed for the past 2 years, paying for this benefit..Time to switch to HMO. The good news is I found out I have some retirement left over from my nursing career 15 years ago..I may get to collect as early as next year. For some reason, this makes me feel good-all those years of working as a nurse and I do get some payoff in the end..

I feel like I am rambling but this is my life..


Maralyn said...

Hi Debi! I enjoyed reading this. I am in pain around my IT band, so it is nice to hear there is life during and after the pain!! Good luck. :o)

Iron Outlaw said... should put that spoon of PB on a Pop THAT'S eating!

21stCenturyMom said...

If you are gaining weight it is because you were too thin. You looked very little at Vineman. Maybe you have put on some muscle? That's my guess.

SWTrigal said...

I have food/weight ISHOOS!!
As if it wasn't apparent to all..
I fight these demons from time to time-not all the time..

JohnnyTri said...

it will be here before you know it and then you can REST and enjoy the holidays!

PB on a pop tart, I love that idea!


skoshi said...

I can't imagine running that long on a treadmill--I'm impressed at you and H's dedication. GG is using aqua jogging--you know--what they use for injured thoroughbreds.
You will definitely make it through, although expect bouts of grumpiness :) It means you are working hard!
Best of luck with all your training.

Bones said...

Hey Organic Peanutbutter on Organic Pop tarts. Now you are talking! Hope you guys get fixed up in time for AZ!!!!

IronSnoopy said...

We are falling apart too, if it makes you feel better. Everyone I know has some list of ailments going.

I'm cursing the November race. What the hell was I thinking??? It so can't get here soon enough.

Sigh. My weight gets stuck at one point and doesn't budge, meanwhile my hubby gets smaller and smaller. He accidentally wore a pair of my tri shorts to spin the other day. Uhm, yeah...

Fe-lady said...

Ramble on....that's what I like best about blogging and bloggers. The real day to day stuff!