Sunday, October 5, 2008

Rain, rain go away!

I woke up today to an interesting sound: Rain...not just pitter/patter of the rainfall but gushing down pouring rain! Very unusual in the "Q" but it does seem to come every year at Balloon Fiesta time. The International Balloon Fiesta is here very year the first 2 weekends in October. I remember one of the first times I was there in 1970s and there were maybe 50 balloons:

Now there are literally hundreds and it is quite a sight..

This is our crew riding up Tramway yesterday on our quest or a 95 mile ride. It was "fun", tiring, challenging. The best part was when Bones and MG pulled us the last 35 miles against a headwind..thanks guys..

The bike profile is less 10 miles since my Garmin stops working after about 5 hours ...

The big payoff was the pizza afterwards..The whole thing took us 5:45. 16.5 MPH!! YAY!! Oh did I mention I turned off my HR monitor? There is no way I could keep up with this crew unless I did.

Note to self: Do NOT weigh yourself the day after you consume massive amounts of electrolyte fluid and pizza, even if you did burn 4500 calories the day before. I gained 3.5 lbs!! I weighed myself because smart ass Miguel mentioned last night that he had lost 3 lbs after the ride yesterday. I wondered where, you SOB, you are so skinny already!! Oh, we women and our weight...just stupid really..

I am wondering if some of these folks actually did get up at 6:30 (in the dark) this AM and run in the pouring rain! As for H & I, we will be at the gym, running a mere 2 hours, 10 min. on the dreadmill. You know you are Ironman training when this seems like a short time to run.

Seven weeks from today, I shall be doing IMAZ..Can't wait!!


Lisa Slow-n-Steady said...

What is up with the rain? We've had no rain forever it seems and it had to come and ruin a day of balloon fiesta activities. Bummer!

WADDLER26.2 said...

Fabulous photos.

That elevation chart is frightening. Great job. Your training will pay off.

21stCenturyMom said...

That's my kind of ride! Except for the part where you have no air up there. If you had air I would do that ride in a heart beat.

Bones said...

It was a great ride! And If I didn't say it Saturday, you and H are really riding well! You guys are going to kick butt at IMAZ!

Oh, and we did get up to run but ended up at StarBucks for about an hour & then headed out for the run about 8:00. Got our 2.5 hours in and ate a huge breakfast.

BTW, I put on 4 LBS over the weekend!

Cody the Clydesdale said...

Uhg, 2 plus hours on a treadmill. Pure torture. 16.5 miles an hour average? That
was impressive. Your going to kick butt at IMAZ!

Cody the Clydesdale said...
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skoshi said...

2 hours on the treadmill? THAT impresses me.
We ran into a boatload of rain, driving back from Austin. I'm actually sorry we missed the rain here. It always nice to have moisture in ABQ.
Glad you sound so "on" for IMAZ.
Have fun with the training.