Tuesday, March 3, 2009

About America's Favorite Pastime..

Observations about baseball from a girl:

1. Is it just me or does it seem strange that 9 men stand in a field, just waiting for something to happen? When it does, it lasts about 10 seconds, then they stand around again..

2. It is probably wrong that I think there are no ugly major league baseball players...I am old enough to be their mother.

3. Speaking of being their mother, who dresses these guys? One guy had his back pocket hanging completely out...Isn't it like the army where they all have to look good?

4. Nine innings is WAY TOO LONG! I could get the point and enjoyment with 7 innings. I think they do this at the Little League level, don't they?

5. Why do people who drink beer get more obnoxious the more they drink and yell LOUDER at the umpire?

6. Who pays $6.00 for a beer? I have been out of the loop way too long!

7. Why did the lady next to me think it was really cute to spray water on her husband with one of those fan thingies just as I was on my Blackberry that got water on it too, then chuckled when I gave her a dirty look?

8. I love my husband's reaction to a professional baseball game. It is worth it! He looks like a little boy who is the happiest kid on the planet when he is at these things..

9. I love sports, I love a good, fast basketball or football game. But there is something so sleepy about baseball.

10. Why can't we have just ONE male child to go with H to these things? I know girls can love this stuff too but our girls are very girly. I think until we get a small male child who can have that shit-eating grin on his face with H, I will be going to the games with him..

11. To the people behind us, who talked THE WHOLE GAME, please do not sit near us at the game tomorrow. We do not care if you go to Hooters, or got up at 2:00 AM this AM or drank too much yesterday..or have a whiny teenager who wants to go home after the 2nd inning!

12. Tommy Lasorda is eating and drinking WAY too much these days!

I am trying to love baseball!! I really am!


Molly said...

This is why I watch hockey - it's much more exciting to me. And the guys are cuter. And more clean-cut (not a lot of drug/rape/etc scandals in hockey).

Tania said...

Have him come watch one here! I have 3 boys that would LOVE the time and the game and the experience!!! Plus.. We just love you guys and would like you here! :)

Calyx Meredith said...

I wish I loved baseball. My father LOVES it and I really enjoy watching sports with him. (It's how I became the rabid football fan and the interested tennis fan I am.) But baseball is excruciating! It might be different if I could go see one of my boys play - but we couldn't get any of the four of them into it (and after a DISASTROUS experience with my oldest in T-Ball at age 4 - I suppose we didn't try too hard.) Fun that you and H can enjoy it together. I loved your observations!

Spokane Al said...

Baseball is not slow, it is subtle with small hints along the way with an ebb and flow that is a beauty to watch. Sitting in some good seats, watching a baseball game on a summer evening, enjoying the moment and the company - it does not get much better.

And as a Tommy Lasorda fan from way, way back I am concerned about his profile shot. I suspect that his love for Italian food has gotten way out of control.

21stCenturyMom said...

I was ever so grateful for the invention of Jumbotron so I wouldn't miss all those precious 10 second moments. Baseball is about sitting in the sun drinking beer and eating hotdogs, right?

btwcoach said...

I'm glad you are having so much fun.... :-) You and Hartley look GREAT!!!
Love You

LBTEPA said...

What a loyal wife you are :)
When you're over here, try and take in a cricket Test match - they go for 5 days!!

Heather said...

Aunt Debi, I also have a couple of boys who'd love to be "borrowed" for the duration of a baseball game. Just come one and visit!!

Susi said...

holy hannah you are hysterical! (totally agree about senor lasorda btw!) i've never understood the baseball thing. it's good to have on tv though if you want to nap. kinda like golf. LOL.