Sunday, March 1, 2009

February totals and trip to LB..

February training totals:

Swim: 4188 yards

Bike: 215 miles:

Run: 75 miles

This includes trainer rides in the Spin Nazi's class, which should count as double miles in my book but it is in my heart anyway.

We are enjoying a few days in Long Beach visiting Lane:

This child has boundless amounts of energy and a strong personality...very hard to say "no" to her but I actually do sometimes!

She looks very much like her mom at her age. This is her mom now.
She caught the running bug from mom and Hartley and here she is training for her first half marathon (in which she will be kicking my ass):

We are staying at a house we found on VRBO.
We have found many places on this site. This house is several decades old and is called "Poet's Corner." I think a famous poet lived here but who knows? It is on a quiet old street in Long Beach with little difficulty in parking (a big plus). We were a little worried when the owner met us and showed us around. When we mentioned grand daughter and daughter staying here with us, it was met with talk of "charging us extra" & "not really a place for children" Uh-oh..With all the old nic-nacks around, I can understand that..We have really not had any trouble with Lane messing with anything. If all goes well this weekend, we will talk to said owner to see if our week long stay in May for the marathon will be any trouble. In my opinion, in this housing market in CA, I would not put up much of a fuss if I were her. We can always find somewhere else for the price I would bet. There are signs everywhere in the house on what we can use, what we cannot; which is a little offputting at first. I think at this point the positives outweigh the negatives..but will make final judgement tomorrow...

Did I mention the owner lives across the street?

We ran on the beach 10 miles yesterday. It was so beautiful-the sun, the ocean, the perfect temperature, no allergens, sea level. If only the pollution and traffic were not such an issue, I would live here in a heartbeat...oh and the cost of living..


Lisa Slow-n-Steady said...

enjoy your time in long beach!

LBTEPA said...

Hey, I saw your comments on CR - you'll be swamped by support I am sure :)
have fun running with your daughter - that's one of my dreams one day :)

Tania said...

Lane is SOOOO BIG!! I miss them alot! Tell Allison she needs to call us soon!!!! Hope you guys have fun!!! Stay safe! Love you!