Thursday, March 19, 2009

Too Neurotic for the big time..

I am feeling torn...when we found out the Amazing Race is doing auditions in ABQ on Saturday and Sunday, Team Wess was briefly ready to go try out. Except for a few little details:

1. I will not be in ABQ this weekend as I am visiting B,D and baby Hadley in Denver. This is changeable but I really would rather spend time with the baby!

2. Both of us are afraid of heights. REALLY afraid! So which one of us could do the 1000 ft. bungee jumping?

3. I am a nervous, neurotic traveler, even on my best days. Add jet lag, lack of sleep and lack of food and I could be a raging bitch on national TV.

So I really want this? The idea of being on the Amazing Race and possibly winning $1,000,000 sounds good in theory but do not think I could actually do it in reality..I think the neurosis would win over the $$...

So on a brighter note, I guess I missed the garage break in last night here at B&D's house. So glad I was not in charge of hearing the doorbell at 2:00 AM, when the cops came to the door to alert them that; not only was the garage open but a car door was ajar..B&D's Tom-Tom was stolen and a stack of homemade CDs (big market for that I guess) but not the nice bikes or tools. Go figure, and thank God B&D keep their door to the inside locked. Apparently the garage door inadvertently got opened last night (not by me-menopausal mom, I am 100% sure)..

D is away for 2 nites so B and I are left to fend off any would be thieves on our own tonite..I am not worried really plus we will have the cops do a driveby for the next couple of nights..

B & I are doing a run with the baby this afternoon. I will test my Bob-stroller skills. B is training for a 10k.

Hadley is adorable of course. She may not make the clone list though. I think she may have more than a hint of dad in her which completely breaks the clone chain..

In the meantime all my crazy friends are stampeding to sign up for IM St. George in Utah. My immediate thought is how the hell cold is the water in May up there? Anyway our plans for down under are taking our attention away from local IM races...otherwise I would probably succumb to peer pressure as is rather close on the IM scale! I am sure it will fill up within a couple of days. I finally posted on an Australian triathlon board (thanks to LBTEPA, who is a relative "neighbor" to Busselton). There are only about 70 peeps registered and I was beginning to get concerned-would there even be an IMWA? Well apparently down under they are not as crazy and obsessed as we North Americans are because most register in Sept or October, for a December race! Imagine that! They have never even have had a cutoff for the race there, last year only 1000 people were there. Wow! This laid back approach is very appealing to me and maybe no one else will be in the old lady age that is an interesting thought! There were TEN women in my AG last December so I doubt if that is a possibility..but who knows?

I am here until Monday. The weather in Colorado is outstanding-highs in the 70s..
Rocky Mountain High!


LBTEPA said...

Of your lists of why-nots, I think #3 is actually a reason for trying out!
I looked at the IMUtah photo and saw the HILLS but clearly they don't bother you New Mexicans....
You can always go to Utah, come to Busso instead!

Tania said...

ok.. I haven't finished the whole post yet.. and I may comment again.. but I have to say.. I have been saying for MONTHS that I think you and Heartly need to go be on Amazing race! I think it would be FABULOUS and then... I might actually watch it! hahahaha ok.. I will read the rest of your post now!

Kelly said...

We are on the same page with the water temp in May. That was one of the first things out of my mouth to Izaac... but I don't think it will be any colder than Rage was and you did that!

We had out car & garage broken into a few months back and they took some tools but left 2 road bikes worth a heck of a lot more than the tools! Amazing but I'm glad they did :-)

Kathie said...

Debi said: "I am a nervous, neurotic traveler, even on my best days. Add jet lag, lack of sleep and lack of food and I could be a raging bitch on national TV."

D - See, that's what I love about are superhuman compared to most of us 50+ meno's, but you still bleed when cut. Thank you for that transparent moment...I needed it.