Sunday, April 12, 2009

I give up..

I think I need a coach now..I am feeling less motivated this week so took 3 days off..Biked today in the rain to start out with, then just cold and actually not so bad for 30 miles. Now I do not know if my lack of motivation has to do with the weather but it SUCKS lately here in the "Q". I have not even donned my bike shorts here yet and it is Easter..Easter folks! Also the big "A" that has hit us all (allergies) with a vengeance this year...WTF?

I have a running race in 3 weeks and a half Ironman triathlon in 11 weeks. I feel like I am falling behind because basically I am following my own training plan and guidance..Is this a good idea? I sense not. Because now H is following me too and I may be leading us down the wrong path altogether. We are loosely following Beginner Triathlete's plans for the half marathon and half IM. I just do not feel the same about race season this year. Maybe it is because the big one is so far away...I have no heart in Sprints this year and I know they are good for me to practice..

H pulled a calf muscle this week again..poor thing has this weakness in his legs that just seems to put up a fuss when he trains alot (imagine that!). Soooo he is out for running for awhile which makes it even more difficult to get my engine going...

Yes Coach Eric will be hearing from me soon..I just do not trust myself after all these years..

Today is Easter. I miss my kids..remembering when they were really small and we use to dye Easter eggs and hide them. This seems like another life ago and now they are having traditions with their own families..I even remember the family of origin and back in the day when my parents thought it was a good idea to dress us all up in matching dresses (5 girls) on Easter Sunday. Now that is just a little wonder I question my autonomy..


btwcoach said...

I don't think I remember the matching dresses... :-) I do remember Aunt Bernice buying the dresses though. And we had to place our feet "just so" for the pictures! hahaha
Hang in their Deb - you are an awesome, fit, triathlete!! Don't ever forget that!
Love you

Iron "GeekGirl" Misty said...

Don't give up! As for allergies, my theory is, based on you and DP's shared experience, the common denominator here is small children, AKA God's tiny germ factories. Just my $.02...

Susi said...

i hear ya on having a coach to help out...i think it's the accountibilty that comes with working with a coach to get us going. because really, we can find a ton of programs online! haha.

i loved painting easter eggs with my mom. good memories!

Fe-lady said...

I dyed easter eggs and hid them for my 22 year old and her friends. They found all 11 of them in 20 seconds!
You know you have done a TON of stuff in the last couple of years. And have done it quite well. Even if your body wants to go, it's tougher getting your mind to want it as badly. It just sounds like you are stale and maybe need some time off- + some allergy meds.

You will come back....just maybe don't enter so many things so you are HUNGRY for the training and competition instead of dreading it.

Oh, and do as I say, not as I do! :-)

That Stephanie chick that is going to New Zealand or Australia or whatever race you guys entered-she had a 7:30 1/2 IM- so you can beat her. (If you get your mind around it!) :-D

Formulaic said...

The weather can have a huge impact on our motivation.

Find a coach if you need to, if that is what you feel is needed to motivate you and point you in the right direction.

It can be scary, going at this by yourself. But I know that you already have so much knowledge.

Maybe you just need to be pointed in the right direction.

RBR said...

My allergies are crazy right now too. Even my hubby, who is usually mildly affected, is having a hard time. All the crazy weather has the trees going nuts!

I say if a coach helps with the motivation it is worth it. It might just give you that boost you need to get back at it.