Friday, April 17, 2009

My world continues to change...

Yep-it is snowing here in the "Q" after Easter..The heater is on..

Been a long time since I remember this late of a "winter"

Of course this is directly related to the fact I planted ALOT of flowers this past week..I fancy myself to be a gardener right now.

Today is Lane, my grand-daughter's 5th birthday. I was there when she entered the world, or a few minutes afterwards anyway. She is such a joy, words cannot describe. I called her this morning and she told me she really wanted to turn 5! She is hilarious...

This week I connected with my Coach and we are on for a 8 week program probably starting in May..This will give me a chance to improve, well everything in time for Buffalo Springs. There are now TEN women in my AG. I really don't care anymore..they all just keep aging up so it is impossible to win by attrition anymore!

Weight issues abound this week. Without elaborating, I have decided:

1. It is not rational...never has been about weight..
2. As Dr. Phil says, I would not be so concerned what people think of me if I realized how little they do.
3. With age comes pounds..there is pretty much nothing you can do about that except starve yourself, which I will not be doing..
4. Obsessing about weight is a very selfish, self-centered thing to do..
5. It is all about control and keeping things the same.."Nothing's Going to Change my World" I feel a Beatle's song coming on..
6. No one really knows how to treat someone who has an eating disorder. It is "multifaceted" and has many layers, is on a spectrum.
7. I have a mild case, although have been pretty bad at some points of my life. I will never probably go back there.
8. There are probably folks in this world who do not give a crap about their weight..ever..

Ok, 'nuff


Lisa Slow-n-Steady said...

crazy weather. i couldn't believe it was snowing this morning!!


Sorry, but I can't sympathize with your weather issues, living in the Midwest. However, I TOTALLY get the weight issue thing. I am SO with you on that. Funny how my feelings change from day-to-day: one day I'm OK and realize it is what it is; the next I'm practically suicidal over the 10-15 lbs. I really don't want.
Thanks for a great post--you said it much better than I could! Hang in there!

LBTEPA said...

and don't you want to punch those number 8 people?