Thursday, September 17, 2009

Thursday Thirteen..

1. I turned 55 today. That is 2 hands held up (both together)..I can't believe it..

2. I swam 55-100s in the pool to just say I did. It took me 2 hours and 10 min. I took 15 secs between 100s and a potty break in the middle. My arms got tired. The rest of me didn't.

3. I am really hungry because of #2.

4. We drove to Chama with Mocha's ashes in the front seat after my swim. They were about as lively as she was was very weird and sad to come up here without her..

5. I read someones blog that made me realize I will saying "on your right" in Australia alot..

6. My sprained ankle hurts sometimes..Just to remind me it is still there..

7. Heidi, Heather, Becca, Dan, Jack, Avery and Hadley will be here this weekend to see each other in lieu of Thanksgiving and Christmas. To celebrate mine and Heidi's birthdays and to spread the ashes of the 2 family dogs..

8. Moth balls around your car keeps critters from getting under the hood and building a nest. We know this because this has happened to us twice up here and it cost several hundred dollars to fix. So the downstairs smells like mothballs.

9. I feel very behind in my training. Just like every other Ironman training person probably does at some point..

10. I can walk 14 minute miles. I think I may count on walking some of the marathon this time at IMWA.

11. IMWA will be on a Saturday, which is Friday here. That is strange to think about..

12. I do not care what anyone says, Ibuprofen works!!

13. I can remember telephone numbers like you would not believe. Uncanny..I cannot remember what happened yesterday but I can remember my childhood phone number and many many others. Funny what the computer stores!


Spokane Al said...

Happy birthday to you!

P.S. MOhawk 3113 - that is the phone number from when I was a small child (before they started adding more numbers - after that it was changed to PArkway 5-3113).

Stefan said...
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Lisa Slow-n-Steady said...

sorry - that random Happy Birthday was from me- someone had been using my computer and i didn't realize i wasn't the one signed in.

Fe-lady said...

happy birthday...55 is great! You will make the most of it I am sure!

OR3-7523 I think... :-)

LBTEPA said...

Happy birthday!!

LBTEPA said...

Happy birthday!!

momo said...

happy birthday, debi! someday i'll let you in on the secret that is my home phone number and i promise you - you will NEVER forget it either. HUGS!

IronLa said...

1. Congrats!! New age group and you've got the edge by being younger than most of the other ladies!

5. It takes some getting used to. You probably should practice until you get over here though.

9. We all do. You'll be FINE!

12. Fully agree.

IronLa said...

addendum to #5, that is supposed to be SHOULDN'T!!!! :)