Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Music and training...

Here I sit with music piping throughout the new digs. We have a new system called "Sonos" which, is magic as far as I am concerned. They could have told me little green elves are in our walls making stupendous sounds throughout the house and I would understand as much. This new invention (well it is new to me) allows us to listen to different music in almost every room of the house. We get to choose from any music on our computers or any radio station, throughout the world. There are so many choices of songs to listen to, it is almost overwhelming. The good news is I am listening to WAY more music than I ever have. Alot less TV and my psyche must be jumping up and down..Less "Survivor", more soothing tones and Debi is a happier camper. I am hoping my newly rekindled love of music will stick with me..The "Sonos" is magic...

Training: If one reads my last post and then reads this, one would think I was two different people. As poopy as I feel when bedtime comes, during the day my running has gotten better. Don't know why, maybe the less weight is less to drag around. The running path is 2.5 minutes from our house. We have to hop a fence but then thousands of acres of beautiful mountain foothills are our new backyard. I will try and get pictures of that soon. We run up and down these rolling hills and I can finally, finally understand, after all these years, why folks like to run. I never have had that real "love" for running as I hear pray tell can happen to one..These past few months, I have only been running. I went out on my bike a big total of twice, maybe three times since the summer...Swimming..well, I will leave it at that. Let's just say I do not miss the smell of chlorine, at all..

We are training for several running races. First off is the Sedona Half Marathon in February. Damn, that is soon! A bunch of our crazy tri/running friends are going. I anticipate much fun as well as good weather (I can hope for the weather). The following weekend, I signed up for the "Austin Half Marathon". Oh just because I can, I suppose. It seemed like a good idea at the time..Really though I am doing that race to see 2 of my kids, who are racing too..It is a girls' weekend in the big city of Austin. My youngest lives there and from what I can tell, it is a pretty cool place, even if it is in Texas! (no offense to my Texas people..:))

The big event seems to be in April. H and I are going to do a 50k running trail race in Oklahoma-"Hog's Hunt"... I am pretty sure there are no pigs involved..That is 31.07 miles. I know because I just looked it up..say what?? I know, I is insanity but believe it or not, this is childs' play in the gang I run with. It is considered an "ultra" running race, but just barely! Most of my people are getting into running 50 and 100 mile know normal stuff like that..I somehow got a hold of the Koolaid and drank a bit, but not too much. I have NO DESIRE to run 50 miles, AT ALL. I am doing the 50k to see if I really like it at all. I know how to hurt, Ironman taught me that but this is a whole new level of pain so "they say". Not sure I am that much of a masochist but we shall see. I will admit I have gotten the whole "trail running" bug for sure. It takes the boredom out of running for me big time. I also downloaded a bunch of music that is 180 beats per/minute. I try and keep my pace at that when I run. I read somewhere this improves your running..It sure makes it more interesting!

Am I done with triathlon? No, I don't think so. H is talking about doing Ironman Florida in 2012. Some crazy talk like that. Again, I reiterate, I do NOT want to do another Ironman. Can resist come this November when we are in Florida cheering on the athletes and watching H sign up? Hmmm..we'll see..

Off to the doctor tomorrow where he will tell me exactly what is wrong with me at night..oh, wait-that was my crazy dream last night!

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