Saturday, March 3, 2012

I get around..

I am becoming a Yoga whore..yes I am getting around to alot of classes in the last couple of weeks. It started out when we saw a Yoga studio  just about 1 mile from our house in the Albertsons shopping center. We checked it out and they had a 20 classes for $20 on sale. Who could refuse this? Yoga, for the most part has always been a challenge doing, going, staying at any Yoga Studio. The last Yoga I tried was Hot Yoga, where I nearly died of heat exhaustion. First few time I tried it, I became dizzy each time I stood in a sweltering room and tried to contort..I had to leave early a few times because I felt sick. The last hot Yoga class I left feeling nauseous and faint by the end of the class. I really, really wanted to like Hot Yoga! I wanted all those "amazing benefits" of Hot Yoga! I felt a bit like a failure when I could not get past the heat part. So I gave up, assuming being all Eastern meditative and flexible was not in my future.

Fast forward a few weeks ago, where I went to Yoga at the new place. It is not hot, seems almost manageable, even though I toppled over a few times the first couple of classes. Yesterday something finally clicked and it felt like I was getting ever slightly more stretchable, which is not saying much! I also began to like the feeling of "Child's pose" which got me to a state of new relaxation after doing some pretty hard poses...This is my best attempt to be a meditation person. I have never successfully been able to sit and "think of nothing" for more than 2 minutes. However, something about moving while meditating is easier for me. Julia, the new instructor is also amazing and encouraging. Something about her makes me think I could actually keep coming back and getting benefits of the practice. I plan on continuing as long as I can until the swimming, biking and running overtake our hours in the day.

We hired a coach on Monday. It is my old coach, Mark from Ironman Florida days, my first IM in 2004. IMFL was my PR and I have never been able to match it. When he asked me what my goals were for Ironman Arizona, I quickly said, without thinking-to break 14 hours..I figure any time faster than my last IM-Western Australia, where the heat gods got me, would bed good. H and I will be training with him separately and together. I look forward to being pushed in a different way.

Our triathlon and running race year seems to be shaping up. We were going to register for Jay Benson, the local sprint triathlon that has been here every year for 20 years. But seems the base director (race is on the air force base here) has other plans! The race director may not get a permit so registration is postponed until further notice. Bummer! I have begged off several morning rides in the last couple of weeks. My tolerance for training in the eff-ing cold is way down. I hate, hate hate, biking in the cold. When it stops being fun at all, I draw the line. ABQ us just not warming up to South American standards yet! Hopefully tomorrow, we can get out early to ride with a group. I am already psyching myself up and planning my many layers to begin the ride with...

I actually got into a pool the other day and swam 2000 yards. Wow! I never thought I could be so sore trying to swim! The muscles in my arms were freaking out, legs yelling at me and form was atrocious. I can only hope that with  more practice, I will be less stiff in the pool. It did not help that when H and I got to the pool and asked to share a lane with an older guy, he yelled at us. Apparently, in this gym, the elderly get to call the shots in the pool? He finally moved out of his lane, griping to anyone who would listen about how rude we were to try and share a lane with him..Geez! Swimming at this new gym may be a challenge but I can beat up those old people if they start to get sassy with me! :) I can be just as grumpy and old-they better watch out!

Off to run today..I am having a grandson on Tuesday..I am on Cloud Nine!!

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LBTEPA said...

it's going to be such an exciting year :) well done over coming Fear Of Yoga - everyone I know who's stuck with it has found it very beneficial for their racing.