Thursday, March 1, 2012

Okay New Year, New Goal

I tumbled this idea inside my head for a few weeks. Should I keep blogging or not? I guess one reason to keep writing is to not let the cobwebs grow too much in my head. I read an article on "reasons to blog" and these are some:

1. You will find your kindred spirits. 

I've made best buddies for life from my websites. After all, blogging and putting myself out there has helped me find you, my kindred thrifty spirit! My favorite part of blogging is making heart to heart connections with my readers. 

Blogging is better than Facebook siphoning away countless hours.

I haven't found this balance yet but hopefully I can do both while not being a total online obsession about myself.

3. Your writing will improve. 

Blogging is daily writing practice. You'll learn to write engaging copy faster and you'll sharpen layout and content organization skills.

4. Your photography will improve. 

I always felt like I had a good eye, but snapping daily photos for my blog has helped my photography improve by far! I can take better pictures faster, and I keep learning every day. 

5. You'll learn, grow, and discover yourself with every single post.

Your self improvements will go beyond writing, photography, and journaling. Blogging daily helps you make personal improvements. We improve on our weaknesses because they're highlighted when we document them. I like how Penelope Trunk says it: "Writing daily is a path to self discovery."

I have several races coming up in 2012. Why not write about this? Triathlon, running, biking, swimming-it's all therapy for me. Looking toward goals is how I find my life interesting. I fill in the spaces with family life, retirement life-which is not always that interesting. After our trip to South America, I was stunned that people enjoyed my writing. Really? I tend to be way more critical of myself when I blog, OMG my grammar, spelling, word phrasing sucks! I am apparently hardest on myself. The people who read my blog are way more forgiving of my errors.. 

My ultimate racing goal is Ironman Arizona-scheduled for November 18, 2012. In the meantime we have two weddings and one baby coming in 2012. This makes for interesting back stories. In our growing family of 10 plus 3 (baby and soon-to-be-son-in-laws) makes for some pretty interesting drama. Of course I can't share everything about all of our family, I still can write from a Grandma Debi perspective in general terms. 

IMAZ (short for Ironman Arizona) will be my 5th Ironman race. We are hiring a coach, which I have done before. I have trained without a coach but results speak loudly to which is better. My first IM, I had a coach who trained me to do my PR for IM. I figure even though I am 8 years older, perhaps I can break my own personal record. We shall see! We also joined a new gym, I started doing yoga as a routine thing. I love Yoga-finally! I have tried and tried to love it before and been very inconsistent..The new Yoga place is 5 minutes from my house, it does not seem like a big production to get there each class...I plan on keeping up the practice, if only for the reason of maintaining my flexibility.

In my world of idle time and lack of structure, I welcome IM training as a way of "accomplishing something" and keeping myself on track. It is also a way to connect with other like minded, interesting people in the triathlon world, who challenge me physically and mentally. H does all that of course-it is just nice to expand my world.. 

It is a beautiful day in ABQ. We are off to the new gym to do weights and I may, just may-actually get in the pool today!

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