Thursday, June 14, 2007


Home from San Jose. It was such a nice break to see my friends Esther and Ken. Brings me back to the 70s when Esther & I were hippies in college. Don't remember much :) but we have been friends for 35 years now. I did a short run this AM (30) now out to Cochiti again to brave the cool waters. Don't think there will be wind today though-YEA.

On the plane to San Jose there was a man and woman sitting beside me, about my age, that obviously had just met. As the conversation went on, it was obvious they were starting to "hook up" as the kids say. The convo got more intimate and it turned out he was married, but she was not. I felt really uncomfortable!! I tried to move but no seats so had to listen to this really weird thing unfolding next to me. I think she turned him down but wasn't too emphatic. i tried to tune them out, but they were loud. I thought- it this what the rest of the world is into. Hooking up with strangers on a business trip? How much not me..I really was stumped on how to handle the situation.. I could have said:
"Get a room!"
"Excuse me sir, what is your wife's phone number?"
"Aren't you the guy with the STD?"
"All children should sit in the back"
Probably many possibilities but I just sat there, embarrassed for both of them and said nothing..Oh well, another weird life experienced. I don't think I would have thought much of it until he said he was married and was talking about his kids and stuff-ewww!


Cody the Clydesdale said...

You are a good person. Morals, just another rerason I like you.

GeekGirl said...

Ugh. I would have had a hard time being quiet. I have no patience for people who behave unethically and are open about it, like I'm some kind of square and should just accept it...oh, don't get me started...