Sunday, June 10, 2007

Size does matter!

Well, when you are talking about cranks on a bike! I finally after a year of grinning and bearing it with a shimano Dra-ace 52/39 10 speed on my Ruby ( I actually know what these things are now!-I am one of those women that when guys started talking about gearing, would nod and pretend I knew what they were saying but it sounded like a different language to me:))
I got a compact crank put on-50/34 FSA. Although I will admit it was sad to see the "Dura-ace" logo on the crank go I have to say that riding this bike now is a whole new fantastic experience! Well for one, I have been training on the higher gearing for a year so going up hills in this new set-up feels like a picnic. I can actually spin up tramway!! I am only a bit faster but the difference in how I feel getting there is huge! So I am selling the carbon fiber bars (couldn't put aerobars on it-the bike shop neglected to tell me when I bought the bike) and Shimano crank to my friend Mark so don't feel as bad for chopping the bike up. but comfort is really everything and i can see this helping already. The guy at the bike store I went to now (High Desert in Rio Rancho-highly recommend) said he never would have sold me a bike with that gearing. he says there are pro guys that won't ride that kind so I felt better after that convo. So now I have a Ruby Pro with some "conversions" I guess..


Cody the Clydesdale said...

Glad you got new gearing. Perfect timing with Buffalo springs coming.

GeekGirl said...

I love High Desert Bikes. The next time you go there give me a call; I live about 1 mile away. I also love that kind of gearing - it's great for hills.