Tuesday, June 26, 2007

My other half caves and we do a half!!

Guess what? After 6 years in the sport, 3 of which my husband didn't even know how to ride a bike or swim, he finally agreed to do a half Ironman with me!! I had to PROMISE I would stay with him, literally- Realistically, I am sure I can't even keep up with him on the bike and run at this point but I promised. Then I immediately, before he could change his mind, signed us up on Active.com for Soma in October. I told him the course was easy-so I really hope it is.. (is it for those who have done it?). He has a coach and can bike and swim now of course and think he can actually kick my ass in racing at this point..I can't believe it-I mean we use to have major arguments about my training/triathlon obsession-now he has caught the bug! I am lucky really and I have more confidence in him than he does at this point. I always said anyone could do a half or whole IM if they put in the training time-I really believe that. I think when he saw the folks at BSLT this weekend-he saw that these were just folks like us only some faster,some slower-all crazy triathletes like us.

I feel great 2 days post BSLT.I decided to take a second day off since we are planning to do Farmington this weekend. I have 2 theories-either i will be dead and really slow or I will be trained after doing BSLT to the point I will do a PR. Whatever-I don't really care-I am just having fun playing and tri-ing with hubby and friends. The people who do triathlons really are some of the greatest folks on earth!


GeekGirl said...

We'll see you there! We're doing the quarterman, Baboo because of the Tri-101 that he's doing soon after and me because, well, I forget why. Why not.

Bones said...

Soma is a great race, Well run and "easy". It's a perfect race to start doing HIM's. I think a bunch of us Outlaws are heading back this year. The only thing that sucks are the Tee-shirts. I've done the race two years in a row and still don't have anything to wear. They only have XXXL or XXXS shirts, Whats up with that?

the Dread Pirate Rackham said...


We'll be there too!