Thursday, June 7, 2007

My very cold water swim today..

My friend Kathy and I ventured out to Cochiti Lake today to do a little swim. The weather gods apparently hadn't seen the news because regardless of what the man said on TV last nite, it WAS windy today. We did manage to swim a few hundred yards. We swam out to a bouy & I thought-wow that was easy-then turned around. holy crap! I felt like maybe some of those people at IM Utah a few years ago when the wind caused "waves". I did however learn how to breathe if a wave was smacking me in the face. Guess that is always useful! I decided after that in the future to get some kind of flotation device out there-canoe, kayak, innertube, anything that may be used for safety. The old life-guard in me said-woahh, this is not too safe-2 women out here alone. i mean how many other fools would be swimming in "brisk" water with a windstorm? I think I will err on the side of being overly protective of my middle-aged self and friends. Even Kathy & I commented if we were in a group and if MEN were present, we would feel better. I love men! The feelings of protectedness I get around them, even if it is not real, is so comforting! Now I believe in equal rights except when I need to be protected by a man..:)
I wonder how men get that protected feeling?
Anyways, I think a safety apparatus could not hurt and maybe finding a driver for it-taking turns-haven't figured that one out yet. Hartley & I are looking into it..


codytriguy said...

I can't believe you swam in that weather. It was pretty windy! I'm impressed, that is dedication right there. How do you swim w/ a wave slapping ya in the face?

I get that protected feeling being a middle of the packer. I never have to worry about getting lost on a course or being the first one to have to say "oh crap, this turn is much sharper than it looked!" I know when everyone else slows for a turn,there's a reason for it. It fits perfect with my pack instincts:)

codytriguy said...

Tie a rope to the boat & 2 on your waist and create more swim streangth while swimming by pulling it behind you:)