Thursday, June 21, 2007

Three more days-

til the big race. I bagged my workout yesterday. I am really sore and tired this week for some reason and am erring on the side of rest. I have a quick 30 workout today, massage (YEA), and have to go to the dentist. Now this is something I would not normally do-go to the dentist 3 days before a race but I had 2 teeth break weeks ago and they are going to finish that up. You know it really SUCKS getting older. I don't like that I have to get poked and prodded like a cow-have you ever had a colonoscopy? Now that is fun! Have to have one after 50-of course they found a polyp in mine so I get to go again in 5 years! then the whole teeth thing getting older, the back getting more arthritic. I mean these are terms too describe OLD people, aren't they? I refuse to get old!! I guess I have the Peter Pan syndrome and alot of denial. I have had my body pretty much x-rayed, ultrasounded, scanned to the hilt this year probably because my hormones are changing and to me it feels like I have some deadly disease. Well, one Dr. told me that training is the one thing I should never give up! That will keep me young!
So Lubbock-here I come!

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Vickie said...

Just reading your profile. It seems we are almost the same age, both Virgos, and both embarking on this triathlon journey. I will be waiting for your report at BSLT to see how you do in preparing for Steelhead in Aug. Good luck!