Monday, June 18, 2007

Weather and other deep thoughts by Debi..

Here is the weather forecast for Sunday in Lubbock:

So I ran at noon to simulate the conditions yesterday. Man I was hot! Sweating, tired-oh did I mention it was a 30 min. recovery run? Geez! I am having my doubts now as to how I am going to pull this off. But I have done it before..I want to finish. I love the finishing part! All the training and sweating is sure worth it when you cross that finish line. I worked for a group of doctors for a few years once. They were horrible at human relations but as i gave my notice to one of the smartest, jerkiest ones (they are sometimes the best Dr.s unfortunately)-he told me I was too smart for the job. He said I should pick something that seems too hard to do and do that thing. This has stuck with me for all these years. Why can't I do an Ironman? That is a too hard thing-so I did. Why can't I get my Master's degree? That was pretty hard so I did that. Why can't I do the Big Buffalo this weekend when I am not in the best shape? I thrive on challenge ever since Dr> A*%^&hole told me this. I also am trying to prove to my father once and for all that I am good enough! Oh, did I mention he has been dead for 17 years? Oh, so it is the dad in my head, my soul that constantly drives the machine, heh?

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GeekGirl said...

That was good advice. If I listened to all the information out there I never would have attempted the half irons that I've done or the marathon, even, because, technically speaking, it was too hard for me. Now my brain says, "what else is too hard for me to do? Let's do it!"