Tuesday, October 23, 2007

4 days and counting..

til Soma..We are up in Chama really tapering now (like doing practically nothing). I feel creaky and old not training so will be doing a few yoga moves and a couple of short runs while up here. We got here yesterday and surprise, surprise-we have no heat again. The heater is not working, which is the problem that caused the original flood. It is so hard to get someone up here to work, it's incredible..So we built a fire in the woodstove we have that heats at least the upstairs. Me-being the pioneer woman that I am-actually got up in the middle of the night and "stoked the fire" again so we are pretty warm unless we go downstairs..The sun is rising above the mountains and we have lots of windows so should be pretty toasty soon..

Now for the heater problem-we are in a dilemma. If we can't get anyone up here in the next 2 days, Houston we may have a problem. We may have to live up here all winter, stoking the fire so the pipess don't freeze again..

I guess it could be worse..(see post above)..

It will be 90 degrees in Soma-now that will be a shock on the body for sure. I am excited for the race! To see friends, see H finish his first half, to see if my running really is better, just to be alive enough to do a race is enough really..


Vickie said...

Good luck on your race! Show them what us older ladies have got! As for the pipes, just a little thing yu can do. It will stil probably cost you some extra money, but it should help the pipes from freezing. Leave the water faucets on just a trickle. I can't remember where I learned that but had to do it when we were so poor years ago that we ran out of fuel oil one bitter winter and had to wait over a weekend to get more (because we couldn't afford to pay the extra money for a weekend fillup).

Lisa - Slow & Steady said...

Best wishes - Have fun at SOMA!!!