Thursday, October 25, 2007

Last minute jinxes (or the full moon)

Yesterday I was gazing out my window in the mountains watching Hartley feed the deer right out of his hand(they like graham crackers). It was so lovely and then the full moon rose over the mountains-life was perfect-almost..

Jinx time:

It all started this morning when I put my socks on at the cabin and proceeded to trip and fall down the stairs (2nd time i have done that over the years-this time I was dead sober and knew where I was-we'll save that for another story about my past life). I am a little banged up and sore but nothing major. I have a bandaid on my left finger, a small lump on my right arm and a slight twinge in my right knee-oh please god-not the knee..Hopefully in the morning I will be fit as a fiddle, whatever the hell that means. I just want to not be injured in any major way. Thank goodness for those Calcium pills I have been taking-no broken bones-something I never thought I would be saying 10 years ago..

ALSO-last night I felt like crap, had a scratchy throat and I think a fever-this seems to be somewhat subsiding today but what is up with that? I have been training like crazy with no illness-now I stop and I feel like i am fighting a cold? I read somewhere this is typical-that people get hurt or sick before a big race sometimes..I would like to stay clear of that statistic please????

H & I are off the the not so temperate Tempe Town tomorrow AM. The temp there is holding in the 90s but NO WIND! Darn! All that training in hurricane force winds to no avail :) Note to self-bring salt pills..I feel excited about the race actually, besides the full moon activity or whatever my calamities seem to be related to..I just need to put shoes on while I walk from now until the race or better yet, not climb any stairs! I am in denial about the sore throat and will stay that way until after Sunday..

The carbs are comin' in. It is really difficult to shove food in my mouth when I am not hungry unless it is chocolate or pastry. I mean really, eating an apple on a full stomach is not my idea of dessert. However, I am committed to follow the nutrition plan that I had for IM Florida-well, some modifications since it is half the distance but me and carbs have not been too buddy-buddy lately so it is a challenge. Tomorrow starts the Gator Aid, and the ever tasty H2O..Oh and ensure. I like to go to more liquids than solids for a couple of days before the race so I don't become the running queen of runs! There are not enough porta-potties for me when it gets that bad. I think I have it down to an art now on how to prevent that (note to self-pack Immodium just in case).

I started looking online at the dreaded competition this week because well, basically I like to feel bad about my athletic abilities before a race and just for kicks googled a few of the 15 women in my AG. They are all FAST runners (of course). So my secret dream of being in the top 5 is slowly dissolving but I would be happy to have a PR or better yet a PR and feel good at the end of the race (yea right!). I like to think I can still place in the swim?

More during travel and racing..


cindy said...

I'm loving the full moon too :)

Hey, I fell the a couple of days before my marathon...probably just nerves, but no jinxing involved. You've been working hard and will do great this weekend! Have fun.

Cody the Clydesdale said...

Oh man. That sucks. I hope the knee will be ok. I'm so sorry to hear that. Your
hoping for a PR, what's the time to beat? Sure glad nothing worse happened on
that trip.

Anonymous said...

Remember when we used to eat jello and koolaide from the package before swim meets? Maybe you should try that? :-)
Good Luck, sis. I'm rootin' for you!
Love, Molly

Vickie said...

I know how you feel. I'm still waiting for something bad to happen! Good luck at your race. You'll do great no matter what place you are!

SWTrigal said...

molly-i don't remember that (CRS) but maybe that is why I was such a slow swimmer!