Saturday, October 27, 2007

Beautiful Tempe..

Well we made it here yesterday. The only glitch was arriving to the "host hotel" and they had no idea what race we were talking about on Sunday-so what shuttle? Then we went to get into our room and found someone else's belongings (must have been a man-WAY too little stuff). While it might have made for an interesting encounter, we opted to tell the front desk that HE may not want to share a room with us. Woops-they had made a mistake, well not them-HE had decided to extend his stay. Wow-why can't people just say "We blew it"?

Anyways, after that and getting a very nice new room, we were off to register for the race. The venue is only about 1.2 miles so will get a little warm-up in the morning on the way to the start. There were hardly any folks here yet so we got our packages-no sweat. The venue is beautiful, on the Tempe Town Lake, or river as is looks to me..I will try and get pics later. I am number 902-lucky I am sure. H & I each got stretching done from one of those booths although this AM I really need a neck massage so will go for one of those today..Still have the sore throat, which is a puzzle, no other symptoms. It suddenly occurred to me when i woke up (as I removed my night guard) that maybe that thing carries critters and i should be more sterile in cleaning it..

When we arrived to our hotel, the first person i met was Duane at the front desk checking in too! Was great to see a friendly face although i was embarrassed because of course i was bitching to the front desk person about not having a shuttle to the race on Sunday, which she had no knowledge of at all. Yes Duane, I am that bitch at the front desk! We chatted a bit and was great to meet a fellow "blogger"..

I slept really well until someone seemed to be trying to get into our room at 6:15 this AM. Kind of freaked me out but I will assume it was someone confused about their room..Lot of water and carbs today-we will do a little swim this afternoon and mainly rest before the dinner with the gang at 5:00..


Anonymous said...

good luck, debi.
Can we follow the race online?

Anonymous said...

All the best to you and Hartley!

Cody the Clydesdale said...

I've found more & more that the front desk people rarely know about anything. Recently it
seems like the front desk people don't care & would prefer not to be bothered w/ annoying questions. Well the hotels are paying poorly now-a-days.
They get what they pay for.

Glad u got to meet Duane. Meeting him was one of the high points of racing the
Harvest moon. Great guy.

I'm sure wishing you & H a great race & a great time! You guys are sure looking
trim! Good luck!