Saturday, December 29, 2007

This and that over the holidays..

Below is a pic from my daughter's 30th BD party. Guess which ones are my daughters? The other woman is Linda, my daughter's mother-in-law. We had a great time in Denver the days before Christmas.

This is Hartley and I on Christmas Eve in Taos, where we celebrated with daughters Heidi and Heather, granddaughter Avery, son-in-law Jack and his family. It was a white Christmas there! Wonderful time at dinner at Joseph's Table, Julia Roberts favorite hangout (we didn't see her though).

This is the view from our new window at the cabin in Chama. We arrived here yesterday to much snow. The recently added window is the perfect place to sit and enjoy coffee and breakfast in the morning. It is very cold here (10 degrees at the moment). I am busy stoking the fire in the woodstove every little while, being the pioneer woman that I am. Our plan is to stay here most of the next month, until H's BD on the 22nd at least so we will see how the mountain people really live. That is with our internet, Tivo, satellite TV and 4-wheel drive-really roughing it! Ironman training starts very soon. More about that later!

As I rode on my trainer this morning, this was the view out our window. I tried to catch the deer that ran across the road but I guess he was camera shy-didn't get him. I want to be running down that road in my new Yak trax tomorrow but it better be a bit warmer or I am opting for more trainer riding and Yoga tapes.


Anonymous said...

Okay, the views from your cabin are just awesome and you and Hartley are just too cute!

Morning coffee with that view...I'm jealous.

Fe-lady said...

Pretty photos!
Yes, I could sit there with a cup of coffee and gawk for a LONG time too...but then, like you, I would just HAVE to get out in it!

Cody the Clydesdale said...

Handsome family there. Beautifull picks of Chama. Looking foreward to seeing how
your Iron training goes.

Bones said...

Great pictures, I'm always amazed at how much your daughters look like you.