Tuesday, January 1, 2008

2008-I can't wait!

OK so it is January 1st, 2008. We saw the New Year in last night as we watched via web cam the dropping of the ball in Times Square, New York-yes that was 10:00 our time but who cares? We were awake, which is important when celebrating the New Year. It is also H & my 15th wedding anniversary. So double celebration! We got married at midnight, in Las Vegas at the Las Vegas Wedding Gardens at the stroke of midnight 15 years ago. We had all 4 girls with us, rode in a Limo to and from the chapel. It was a very sweet ceremony with a minister who actually seemed to care. Our friends Ken and Esther were our witnesses. After the ceremony Hartley & I went back to our honeymoon suite with a jacuzzi and well, you can guess the rest. Except we went out at 5:00 AM on the strip and walked down to breakfast. It was still chaos! New Years Eve on the Las Vegas strip is nothing you can imagine. At 5:00 AM it is like New Year's just happened. Celebrations galore and noise and music-something you have to experience at least once in life. We had a great breakfast on our wedding day. It was a fabulous way to start our new life with the kids. They played at Excalibur kid's zone the whole time. It was a memorable time. I'll scan in a picture when I get home..What a trip!

New Years goals so far:

1. To do Ironman Coeur d' Alene in June and Ironman Arizona with Hartley in November. I swore I would never do another Ironman and here I sit, signed up for two. I look forward to the training and planning. Let's face it-I am a IM junky! My daughter says we are in an Ironman cult. She is convinced we are sacrificing small animals in secret or something..

2. To learn about Buddhism. I am taking a class in the Spring.

3. Learn to knit. Taking a class for that too. This is to replace my disgusting habit of biting my nails, which is a habit I am giving up TODAY!!!

4. Reach out to friends in person more often.

5. Continue my quest of eating no sugar and no white flour..keep my fighting weight at 125. Except the rare occasion where I give myself a treat, like today-I am making blueberry pancakes and blueberry syrup for breakfast-YUM!

6. Weight/core training and yoga at least twice a week.

7. Stay positive, complain less, hug more, tell people I love how much I appreciate them and why.

8. Be a better sister-reach out more..

9. Stay in the moment more. Laugh, play more..be grateful..everyday is a gift and I need to remember that..

10. And last, but not least-probably a marathon but I am not competely sure I want to do a stand alone one. Perhaps a shorter triathlon or a few-haven't deciced which or where yet. I really want Hartley and I to cross that finish line together in Arizona in November. My dream-to be an Ironman couple! Now we pray/hope for no injuries or crisis to get in the way...

Happy New Year blogworld!!


Duane said...

Happy New Year! Looks like you have a great year coming up!

S. Baboo said...

Happy New Year!

Anonymous said...

Happy Anniversary and New Year! What a fun wedding you and H had!

Your 2008 goals are very inspiring...I know you will do well!

OMG...blueberry pancakes and blueberry syrup...that sounds so good :)

Bones said...

Happy Anniversary! I'm looking forward to seeing both of you at IMAZ!

Have a great '08!