Thursday, January 3, 2008

Chapter 2-adventures with Chuck(y)...

OK-this has nothing to do with triathlon really but is an interesting story, at least to me.

Yep, the dog is still loose wandering the neighborhood. I finally met our neighbor, the Millers. I didn't want to alienate her by insulting her sign so I chatted with her. She is very nice actually and told us the scoop on "Chuck". He bought the land-that's right-he actually owns the property he is inhabiting..worst news..However there are covenants that say he has to build something within 2 years. Two years of looking at that trailer/shanty scene? Ohhhhh-Nooooo...They are upset too, more so really because he is right next to their home. Regarding the dogs-she hates it too. I guess "Chuck" broke his leg before Thanksgiving and has not been back since but someone-a friend I guess?-comes and feeds the dogs every once in awhile..
Well, I decided to take action. I called the local sheriff, the State police, the local vet, the local Animal Humane Assoc (no longer exists). All calls pointed to calling Animal Control in Espanola. I felt a real dilemma about this. I don't want any one's dogs destroyed-even if they aren't really pets. But they are still dogs and I am a dog lover. Geez-this sucks. But I called Animal Control and talked to them. I guess they can come get the animals and leave a note and the owner has 10 days..He doesn't have to know who called them. Of course i feel guilty too because the poor guy broke his leg. BUT the neighbor said the guy can be a real jerk and has gotten into it with her and he left his dogs out in minus 14 weather for goodness sake...
So "Sipi" the animal control officer is coming tomorrow morning to check out the situation..

I am officially the bad guy now so we could be screwed but it sounds like at least we have back-up. Mrs. Miller also said the neighbors down the road are appalled too. Looks like we may have a little neighborhood association being born..all over "Chuck(y)" and his dogs. Now I have to go and find a copy of our covenants. I have a love/hate relationship with covenants. We have gotten nasty letters from our "association" at home for leaving our garbage can within sight of the road-for heaven's sake. That is ridiculous! But now I can really see the value in having some parameters for neighborhood living..

What a way to start the New Year..

BTW-we ran 84 minutes today, keeping my HR below 132 ala Mark Allen style. I really will need to put my ego on the back burner for this kind of training-I can already see that. I ran a whopping 6 miles! Yes folks that is an average of 14/min. miles. "I am training my body to burn fat" is my new mantra..


Vickie said...

I hear that type of training will get you through the tough part of an IM, so I guess you have to go with it for now. As for the neighbor problem, I know how you feel. I have my own resident jerk next door. Now with all the snow, he is so kind to shovel his walkway and push all the snow right up to the edge of our driveway, leaving a big pile for someone to climb over or for me to fling back on his lawn. The worst part about this jerk is he tries to make himself out to be a concerned all around citizen, and he is in reality a low down skunk. Fences make good neighbors.

cindy said...

Good job on the run. I got a Garmin for Christmas and was surprised at how high my heartrate gets! Guess I just need to be patient and keep working for improvement.

Also, good luck with Chucky situation :)