Monday, April 28, 2008

The look of a dork triathlete..

OK, here is my dork look on the bike at Atomic Man on Sunday. My leg warmers were falling down and notice the one white arm warmer showing. On my road bike, no aerobars and an aero helmet. Can anyone say ridiculous? I know I wasn't really racing but H says it looks like I am whistling!

I guess by the finish, I had cleaned up my act a bit!


Cody the Clydesdale said...

Great race this weekend, even if you were only training. It's a challenging course, & to think you did an hour and a half run afterwards. Your deffinately motivated for IM corda lane. Good luck!

JohnnyTri said...

Hey its all a deposit into the Bank of CdA!! Nice pics..


Anonymous said...

Great do look like you're whistling :)

Lisa - Slow & Steady said...

I'm just glad there aren't photos from all races at all times. Sometimes you are ready for the photographer; other times you are not!

triguyjt said... did look like you were whistling... LOL

CdA is coming!!!!

Vickie said...

After your last hard race, its good to see you're right back out there. Good job!