Monday, April 28, 2008

My weekend..

Train, train, train in wind, then train somemore..and eat, eat, eat.
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This sums it up pretty much:

1. No mice seen here up in the mountains of Chama, at least none that we have seen in our house.. I still step gingerly into the bathroom at night..

2. I rode my Specialized road bike on Saturday for 70 miles at 7-9000 feet altitude and felt great! Maybe my epic race last weekend actually toughened me up a bit! The wind was blowing, of course-20-30 MPH. I had wind burn at the end of the day..H sagged me after about 50 miles of his ride. I could get use to that. Every 5 miles or so "So you need something honey?" Gosh, I love that man..

3. Yesterday, H & I traveled to Los Alamos for the Atomic Man Duathlon to do the "Little Man" duathlon. We have done this race before. It is a short, but challenging-4k run,9 mile bike, 4k run. H really wanted to do it so I decided to do it as a training day with a run tacked on the back of it.Yes-I did my darnedest to keep my HR below 135. This was a challenge as nearly everyone passed me in the beginning of the run, but I was determined to keep this aerobic. I did pretty good until the hilly bike, when my HR drifted up to 140. Oops! I finished last in my AG but beat 11 people overall..not bad considering I was not really racing.. I continued to run another 6 miles after the race to complete my "long run" day.

The NM Outlaws fared very well. My dear hubby won his AG, 57th overall and the announcer kept saying he could not believe he was really 61.

Well you wouldn't believe it either would you?

(Grandpa, Lane and Mocha)

Cody got first in his AG and 11th overall, Flamin' Mo got 1st in her AG and 40th overall in the Little Boy. T got 2nd in AG, 15th overall, Stitch got 1st in his AG and 28th overall in the FatMan.
S. Baboo was the head ref and thank goodeness he missed my missing bar-end, which I furiously taped up to avoid DQ..:)

4. And last, but not least, Chuck (y) is baaacckkk! That is our not-so-friendly neighbor in the trailer down the road up here. We passed him yesterday-it appeared he was visiting his friendly trailer-trash abode. He stared at us as we passed. I waved but funny thing-he didn't wave back-just stared at us. Well, I guess he isn't too happy with us since we were probably the cause of his dogs' demise. I still do not feel guilty. Those dogs would have died anyway in the 4 months he wasn't here.

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