Friday, April 11, 2008

The Miracle of drugs..

Well, it is for good reason I have been feelin' so lousy and blue. Seems I had some food stuck up in my gum (gross I know). So then came an abscess and pain and grumpiness, etc..I saw 2 dentists yesterday. Now I am not one to pig out on popcorn or such so do not know how this happened. The only way I can avoid further episodes is to just not eat solid food, I guess. I really do take impeccable care of my teeth! Thank goodness for the miracles of antibiotics because after said particles were "dug out" of my gums (that HURT!), and 24 hours of antibiotics, seems I am good as new today. Wow-sooooo glad this did not happen next week in California or Nevada. At least I would be in the country unlike in December, when I had to trust a dentist in Cancun to diagnose and treat my dental issues. Speaking of dental issues-I think I have had my share now that I have been to the dentist about 6 times in the last 6 months. I need to have surgery for a dental implant in August, after/ between some important races cause I cannot workout for like 10 days after the procedure. Gee, can't wait. At least I will be a step closer to getting this gap in my mouth filled. OK, enough dental talk. I finally slept all night last night, pain free-yippeee!

Tomorrow- 5 hour bike ride followed by 30 min run. Then Sunday a short run speed workout! Thought I would never be able to use the "S" word again-SPEED...Yea-can't wait to let it rip. I am a little tired of the pokiness of slow HR training.

Next Saturday is the Rage in the Sage Half Ironman in Nevada where it will hopefully all come together. That is if I do not freeze in the lake. Tryin' to stay positive here. And as luck would have it, out of the only 19 women doing the half next weekend, 3 are in my age group! The worst I can do is 3rd. I was really counting on getting the 1st place medal with so few peeps signed up. But noooooo, there are other compulsive women in their 50s out there, dammit! Don't these women have anything better to do? When did triathlon become this popular with baby boomers? Still trying to stay on the positive track-maybe I will just show them and win!! I have been training my ass off afterall..


tri-dogmom said...

i did my first "speed" run of the season this am. While it was nice to just LET IT GO... OMG does it hurt when you aren't used to getting your HR up that high!

I came home and downloaded my #'s. HOLY SHIT!! I had no idea miss 10min miler could pick it up so fast :-) it was very encouraging.

good luck with the long workouts this weekend!

skoshi said...

Nice to hear your teeth/gums are feeling better. I've scheduled dental procedures around my training also.

Have a great, pain-free ride this weekend

Ultra, Iron "GeekGirl" Misty said...

I've had 9 root canals and assorted other things over the years, so I feel your pain. Literally! I'm due about 3-4 dental implants, so I'll be interested in knowing what you think of it when it's all healed up!

the Dread Pirate Rackham said...

I have tagged you!!! OMG, I bet it was such a relief to get the crap out of your gums. Ow!

Vickie said...

It never fails, does it? Any chance to place in the AG, and a higher proportionate share of the women in your AG show up. I'm thinking its because they DON'T have anything better to do at this age!

LBTEPA said...

Ewwww and glad your gum is all sorted out. You just get out there next week and bring home your 1st place medal!
Thanks for the nice comments on my page :)

Tea said...

Top three is PERFECT!

I landed my first top ten last year when only 8 women signed up for a local HIM.

btw-speed workouts....not's just not right to get this body moving that fast. But...ummm...have fun with it! ;)

Fe-lady said...

Yeah, since when did all these "old ladies" start training and racing for tris? HA!
Best of luck! I know you will do well!