Tuesday, April 15, 2008

My new best friend..

I am in heaven..

This is probably one of the best $150.00 I have ever spent. H & I decided last minute to get this most wonderful gadget on Sunday right before we left for California. Now you have to have experienced SoCal traffic to really appreciate this profoundly wonderful invention! This thing tells us where we are going, where to turn, has a touch screen, practically tells you when to go to the bathroom. Now if it only did windows!!


21stCenturyMom said...

I need one of those - I can get lost in a walk in closet.

Tea said...

wow....can you put it on your bike?

SWTrigal said...
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SWTrigal said...

Well-you can carry it in your jersey pocket or in your purse. Even tells you where bike trails are..

cindy said...

That is awesome!

My phone has a GPS thingy that's similar, but not near as nice. Jeff likes it because the voice is female, but she doesn't talk back ;)

We just got back from Vegas...Lake Mead looked great. It's low, but very clean. The water temp was 57 on Monday. Your wetsuit will keep you plenty warm though!

Good luck this weekend!

momo said...

i saw one of those the other day - they are COOL. toys are fun, aren't they???