Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Highlights of my taper..

1. It really doesn't seem like I am tapering. Did a 5000 yard swim yesterday (yes, in the pool-2 hours).I guess now I am tapering from the swim.

2. I am hungry all the time. It has turned from gosh I am hungry more than usual to I am ravenous..shoving food into my mouth at meals, etc.. Trying to eat healthy but bread especially sounds good all the time..

3. I hate speed work. I would rather do a 3 hour run than an hour speed workout.

4. I am starting to make lists. Endless lists for IMCDA. Makes me feel better..

5. I am now officially tired. I need a break from training. After that swim yesterday I thought, Oh my gosh, I cannot swim another lap in this gross pool with little kids in it who probably pee and I am swallowing it..etc...

6. IMCDA Lake seems to heating up. It is a balmy 53 degrees now. I can swim in that-no problem..

7. My mother in law mentioned to H the other day that I was too skinny and needed to put on some weight. Now that is a first..The Ironman diet (eating like a pig but endless training) must be working..Oprah is on a 21 day "cleanse diet" Maybe I should tell her about the IM diet..

8. I finally got my laundry done and put away from our trip a month ago...

9. I bought the perfect Ironman outfit the other day. I will post a picture later. CWX shorts and a bra top..

10. I feel excited about the trip to Idaho. We are staying at Yellowstone for 2 days on the way..

My brain seems to only work in these short spurts these days so that is it for today..


21stCenturyMom said...

I can't wait to see how your lists evolve as you taper. I hear the taper makes people a little loony and I loves me some loony!

I cannot believe Oprah would be SO irresponsible as to promote some sh*t cleanse diet. Wrong, wrong, wrong!

Isela: Purling Sprite said...

A 2 hour swimming session sure sounds like fun. Do you take any extra stuff to swim with: paddles, fins, buoy? It makes my 1.5mile swim a lot easier and fun.

Cleansing diets are just silly..exercise is the only way to shed the poundage...we all know it and I am sure Oprah knows it, but easy sounds a lot better than work. But starvation cannot be easy, at least not for me, lol, it is easier to run than to not eat.


becoloradogirl said...

Your ironman 'highlights' sound similar to my pregnancy 'highlights':

Tapering is not a word used during pregnancy!, I'm hungry all of the time, I hate speedwork - swiftly walking around my block is enough for me, making lists is awesome, I am tired, I buy special 'outfits' for my growing belly - I think the only observation I won't be making is people telling me I'm too skinny - ha!

IronTriTim said...

5000yd taper! My big achievement this week was a 2500yd swim, my longest since IM last year. The IM diet is a great diet, probably not suitable for Oprah viewers.

Lisa - Slow & Steady said...

Taper time sounds exciting!!!

But a 5000M swim? Oh. my. gosh.

JohnnyTri said...

I am officially tired as well and although I dont seem to be tapering either, i wonder how good these short continuous workouts are.
Lists, I like lists too!!


Benson said...

I'm tired just reading your past posts and workouts. thanks for the taper time.
When you're IM training, there is no such thing as DIET. Just eat.
Good luck and be well.

Iron Eric said...

Some taper more than others. I think you've trained hard enough!! Enjoy the extra time off.

Tea said...

AMEN SISTA! I think I could have written that exact list!